Virat Kohli sheds light on his battle with depression

Virat Kohli

The current Indian skipper is definitely the best batsman of this generation and is among the greatest of all time. What sets Virat Kohli apart is his relentless drive and impeccable consistency. Over the years, the 32-year-old has continued to outdo himself which invariably took him on top of the world game. However, if there’s one period in Virat’s career where fingers can be pointed at, it’s definitely the 2014 tour of England.

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In five Tests, he failed to get past the score of 40. He recorded single digit scores six times which included two ducks. In ten innings, Virat Kohli could only average 13.50, by far his lowest involving three or more Tests. James Anderson’s pace and precision exposed several flaws in Kohli’s technique. However, what affected him the most was the mental toll it took on him.

Virat Kohli revealed that he was unsure of his own batting and also stated that it was a harrowing feeling to go through. He also felt like the ‘loneliest guy in the world.’

“Yes, I did,” was Kohli’s response when he was asked whether he suffered depression back in the 2014 England tour while talking to former England first-class cricketer and commentator Nicholas on his podcast ‘Not Just Cricket.’

“It’s not a great feeling to wake up knowing that you won’t be able to score runs, and I think all batsmen have felt that at some stage that you are not in control of anything at all,” he added.

However, he bounced back strongly during the tour of Australia and ended up scoring 692 runs in that Test series. That feeling of loneliness that he felt during the England tour, however wasn’t something he could get over easily. Despite having supportive people all around him, the Indian skipper added that he needed professional help.

“You just don’t understand how to get over it. That was a phase when I literally couldn’t do anything to overturn things. I felt like I was the loneliest guy in the world,” reckoned Virat Kohli.

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