Best Fortnite Weapons to Win You the Game: Pick Your Poison

Best Fortnite Weapons

Fortnite first came out in 2017, and it has since become a staple amongst Millenials. The survival game, in which players drop onto an island and fight to the death, has a lot of good qualities. For instance, the graphics of the island and the characters are bright, colorful, and well designed. And yet, it seems there’s a consensus for what makes the game so unique: its weapons.

The more you play, the more weapons appear in the game. Players can find them in chests and different locations; each has distinct statistics, and the color of the firearm illustrates where it sits in the tier system. As there are so many weapons placed throughout the game, with each meaning different things, it can be puzzling for gamers to know which to use. That’s where we come in.

Coming up are 20 of the best Fortnite weapons.

20. Best Fortnite Weapons: Blue Pump Shotgun

Source: Twitter/jangomango121

You won’t hear an argument out of us if you claim that the reload time on the blue pump shotgun is long. That is, especially in the heat of the moment, very true. Yet the blue pump remains one of the most effective guns in the game. We recommend using the blue pump if you’re in close-quarter combat, as it has a good spread and causes severe damage.

Trust us when we say it’s never a bad idea to carry this weapon around with you (or two). 

19. Best Fortnite Weapons: Blue Hunting Rifle

Source: Twitter/Itsdaisydaisyy

Similar to the blue pump shotgun, Fortnite players should consider using the blue hunting rifle when at a medium or close range. Here’s why: the gun may not have a scope like a sniper rifle, but you can make a headshot with it if you’re able to sneak up on the enemy and aim accurately. Of course, that doesn’t mean executing the headshot is an easy task. As they say, though: practice makes perfect.

18. Best Fortnite Weapons: Blue SMG

Source: Twitter/TvShaker

Okay, yes. We admit it: there are better SMGs out there, but that doesn’t mean the blue SMG won’t make your enemies tremble with fear. It’s effective at a close range and has a high rate of fire. The blue SMG can cause significant damage, enough to tear through your enemy’s barriers. That said, don’t attempt to annihilate your enemy with this weapon when you’re at a medium-range. It’s no assault rifle, and this will backfire on you (pun intended).

17. Best Fortnite Weapons: Blue Assault Rifle

Source: Twitter/Fortnite Memories

Speaking of assault rifles, let’s talk about the blue one in Fortnite, shall we? Again, it’s not the best in the game, but between its powerful shots and ability to destroy players in both long and close quarters, it’s certainly not a weapon players should ignore if they want to survive in the game. 

16. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Hand Cannon

Source: Twitter/FFOFortClown

It’s not the best, and it’s not the worst. That’s really all there is to say about the gold hand cannon. It’s an unassuming weapon that can cause a lot of damage at close range. The gun is even more versatile if you’re a good shot, as you can select the gold hand cannon for long-range shooting. But only if you’re good enough. Know that there are a few faults with this hand cannon, such as a long recoil time, and no guarantee of a kill, even if you hit your target.

Like everything else in the game, though, your choice of weapon is precisely that: your choice.

15. Best Fortnite Weapons: Purple Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Source: YouTube/Now Or Never official

There are classic weapons among players in Fortnite, and the purple bolt-action sniper rifle is one of them. It’s practical and dangerous enough to clear out a room full of enemies, which often leads to mistakes. And mistakes lead to kills. It’s not powerful enough to take someone out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try for a headshot.

14. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Heavy Sniper

Source: Twitter/SiegeFNLeaks

New to the game, but incredibly useful, the gold heavy sniper has less bullet drop than the other snipers in the game, which means you can take out enemies at long-range before they can say Mississippi. Does the weapon have a crazy reload time? Sure. Can it slaughter someone with a single shot? Most definitely.

The choice is yours.

13. Best Fortnite Weapons: Purple Scoped Assault Rifle

Source: YouTube/Flamm

Before we say anything about this weapon, we want to advise you that this is not the gun choice for close-quarter combat. It is, however, a useful choice when looking to kill opponents at long-range. Fire off your shots and send your enemies running. As we said, when they start running, that’s when players are more likely to make mistakes.

12. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Thermal Scope Assault Rifle

Source: YouTube/SSundee

What if we told you there was a weapon in Fortnite that allows players to have an increased range while enabling them through the scope to find enemies that are hiding. Would you want to use it? Well, you’re in luck. That’s what the gold thermal scope assault rifle does. And sure, it may not fire as quickly as some of the other weapons in the game, but it does cause a lot of damage, and it does not suffer from significant bullet drop.

If you’re playing in a squad, we recommend at least one player have this gun up their sleeve.

11. Best Fortnite Weapons: Blue Tactical Shotgun

Source: Twitter/SeventhofKonoha

The blue tactical shotgun may be rated higher than this in some players’ minds, considering it has the fastest rate of fire out of any of the game’s guns, but here we are. The weapon is effective, has a hefty magazine size, and makes fingering the trigger and watching dozens of enemies fall to the ground all too easy. But we want to warn you that, like most blue guns in this game, the blue tactical shotgun is not ideal when used at a long-distance range. Don’t believe us? Try it. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you, though: close-range use is a guarantee for elimination.

10. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Burst Assault Rifle

Source: Twitter/xBono_

Are you looking to wipe out your enemies in a matter of seconds? If so, go with the gold burst assault rifle. When you pull the trigger of this gun, you fire three damaging shots each time. It’s an excellent choice to use when working with friends, as it’s more situational, and players can use it to eliminate enemies while the rest of your team attacks the building.

9. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Minigun

Source: Twitter/FortNite_FTW_

Speaking of situational guns, up next, we have the gold minigun. It’s massive and powerful, with an exceptional rate of fire, ideal for destroying buildings and taking down structures. Here’s an insider tip, too: use this minigun as a distraction. We say this and mean that, by forcing individuals to take cover, your teammates can go and storm the building. You’re welcome.

8. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Double-Barreled Shotgun

Source: YouTube/Typical Gamer

Using the gold double-barreled shotgun is a gamble, but at this point, isn’t everything in life?

We can’t say this is the most consistent weapon in Fortnite, but it can cause severe damage if all goes as planned. Miss the shot, and you’re in a vulnerable position, as you have to reload the shotgun after just two shots. Make the shot, however, and your enemy is down for the count. We suppose choosing this gun depends on your confidence and skills in the game.

7. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Grenade Launcher

Source: Twitter/This_MovementYT

Simple, effective, and straightforward. Use the gold grenade launcher to fire explosives into buildings, at people, into forts, and your opponents will run screaming. We cannot stress the importance of having a gold grenade launcher on you at all times.

6. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Heavy Shotgun

Source: Twitter/FlikzBR

Remember when we were talking about the other shotguns in Fortnite, and each had strengths and weaknesses? Well, the gold heavy shotgun has all brawn and no flaws. That’s why many players consider it to be the best shotgun in the entire game. It causes severe damage, has a high rate of fire, and is efficient at a close and long-range.

5. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Compact SMG

Source: YouTube/Flamm

Yeah, the blue SMG is cool, but have you used the gold compact SMG? Between its rate of fire and ability to cause massive damage among squads, no SMG guarantees the running and screaming of your enemies more than this one. Plus, you look cool when firing off shots with this gun as it has such a hefty magazine size, all you have to do is hold the trigger and watch the bullets fire away.

4. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Rocket Launcher

Source: Twitter/This_MovementYT

The gold rocket launcher is an explosive weapon that can ruin both buildings and lives. It’s useful in combat and has an explosion radius that means players can use the gun at any range they like: close, medium, long-range, no problem. This weapon, to top it off, works effectively in both team and solo play. So, you know, versatility.

3. Best Fornite Weapons: Gold Suppressed Assault Rifle

Source: Twitter/ibrahimyussop

Surviving in Fortnite can be hard. Many blame this on the fact that when you shoot at someone in the game, the noise alerts other players where you are. That’s why players need to have the gold suppressed assault rifle. It has everything great about the gold assault rifle, in addition to the fact that the gun has a silencer. And do you know what that means? It means you can shoot your shot without letting anyone know your position. Cool, right?

2. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Assault Rifle

Source: Twitter/FortniteTracker

Speaking of the gold assault rifle, this is also considered one of the best weapons in Fortnite. Sure, it doesn’t have a thermal scope, but that means players can’t use the gun at close ranges. The weapon can cause massive damage because of its exceptional rate of fire. If you’re looking for a safe option to carry with you, we recommend the gold assault rifle as it is robust in any situation.

1. Best Fortnite Weapons: Gold Quad Launcher

Source: Youtube/Lachlan

Take the gold rocket launcher and add in the fact that there’s no need to reload after every shot, and you have the gold quad launcher. Dangerous, ideal for pressuring opponents (and then annihilating them), we have no doubt the gold quad launcher is the best weapon in Fortnite

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