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Best COD players

Call of Duty is one of the all-time great war franchises. First published in 2003, the series has jumped from World War II, to modern warfare, to advanced warfare, and almost every conceivable kind of warfare in between. Publisher Activision Blizzard has done a tremendous job of making every title (OK, almost every title) new, engaging, and worth the price of purchase.

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But it’s the professional COD circuit that brought the franchise to new heights. These are the pro players who make Call of Duty as fun to watch as it is to play. To celebrate these champions, we’ve decided to make a list of the best COD players of all time. Hope you enjoy!

20. The Best COD Players of All Time: Kenny

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Kenny Williams is an AR Slayer for OpTic Gaming, Los Angeles. He made his debut at UMG Dallas 2015 as a part of ROD Squad when he was just 16 years old. Sadly, due to the age restriction prior to Black Ops 3, which required players to be at least 18 years old, Kenny wasn’t able to compete until the World War II season.

Source: YouTube/KuavoKenny

A few years later, however, Kenny became the star that he is today. Not only was he the MVP of the 2018 CWL Pro League Stage 2, he was also Pro League All-Star that year and earned the title of Esports Console Rookie of the Year 2018. His total COD earnings have netted him $304,825 so far, and he’s got a long career ahead.

19. The Best COD Players of All Time: Classic

Best COD Players
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Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo is currently a substitute for Toronto Ultra, but is best known for his roles on FaZe Clan, Most Wanted, Prophecy NA, Rise Nation, and Team eLevate. He started playing COD when he was 15 and started his esports career as a relatively unknown player. 

Best COD Players

Classic had a strong performance at MLG Columbus in 2013 and placed 7th at UMG Philadelphia that year. He began making serious waves when he played for both Team JusTus and Prophecy NA during the Advanced Warfare season in 2015, finishing 4th at Call of Duty Championship, netting $25,000. In all, Classic has earned $309,449 from the game.

18. The Best COD Players of All Time: ZooMaa

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/FaZe Clan

Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto is a Support SMG for the New York COD team, the Subliners. He proved himself as one of the best players of the game during the Call of Duty: Ghosts season, when he placed T12 with Denial at MLG Anaheim. That was his first LAN event with a full team, but it was far from his last.

Source: YouTube/DEXERTO Call of Duty

ZooMaa won first place at his very next LAN event, at UMG Dallas 2014. Later that year, he took second place at UMG Nashville. This immediately catapulted him to COD superstardom, and he’s hung around the upper echelon of the game ever since. His earnings so far are around $323,519 and continue to grow.

17. The Best COD Players of All Time: aBeZy

Source: YouTube/eUnited

Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris is a SMG Slayer currently playing for Atlanta FaZe. He began making a name for himself in the WWII season, when his team, Enigma6 Group, battled through the Open Bracket at CWL Birmingham for a remarkable Top 12 finish. The team then won the CWL National Circuit United States 2018 Stage 2.

Source: YouTube/DEXERTO Call of Duty

aBeZy earned himself a spot on eUnited. At CWL Las Vegas, the team earned a 4-0 record, only dropping three maps. Later sent to the losers bracket by OpTic Gaming, they swept Lightning Pandas, beat Luminosity Gaming and Splyce, and found themselves in the Grand Finals with a rematch against OpTic. The team ultimately placed second, which auto qualified them for the CWL Pro League 2019, where they took home the world championship.

16. The Best COD Players of All Time: Slacked

Source: YouTube/Slacked

Josiah “Slacked” Berry is a SMG Support for Seattle Surge. He arrived onto the pro circuit in the Black Ops 1 season with Notorious, where he finished 7th at MLG National Championship 2011. He didn’t reappear until Black Ops 2 in Frag Cup IV, where out of 1,814 teams, he managed to finish 2nd with JuKeD.

Source: YouTube/Scuf Gaming

It wasn’t long before Slacked became a starter for Most Wanted during the Ghosts season. At UMG Nashville 2014, the team finished in third place after a savage 3-0 beating by FaZe. For Advanced Warfare, Slacked continued his dominant streak with a series of new teams. To date, he has earned approximately $354,210.

15. The Best COD Players of All Time: Attach

Source: YouTube/Attach

Like ZooMaa, Dillon “Attach” Price plays for the New York Subliners as Support SMG. His first tournament was at MLG Anaheim, where he placed 29th. After that, he placed 17th at UMG Dallas with Termination. In the Ghosts season, Attach joined Elevate and took 8th place at UMG Philadelphia. At MLG X Games Invitational, he took home 5th place with Curse Orange.

Source: YouTube/Attach

Attach became a Call of Duty World Champion with FaZe Clan at his first championship appearance in 2015. He is the first player to ever win a world championship at just 18 years old. A few years later, he won the coveted title of Esports Play of the Year in 2018. His total COD earnings are about $375,840.

14. The Best COD Players of All Time: Octane

Source: YouTube/Octane

Sam “Octane” Larew is a Main AR for Seattle Surge. He made himself known during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, becoming renowned as one of the best ARs to ever play the game. He is most well-known for his runs with Team JusTus, Team Envy, Luminosity Gaming, and 100 Thieves.

Source: YouTube/Octane

Octane was the MVP at CWL Anaheim Open 2017, CWL Northern Arena Showdown 2018, and CWL London 2019, showing an impressive MVP stream that is likely to continue into the new year. He was also a 2016, 2017, and 2019 CWL Pro League All-Star. He’s earned $390,949 from COD, and at just 22 years of age shows no sign of slowing down soon.

13. The Best COD Players of All Time: Enable

Source: YouTube/Enable

Ian “Enable” Wyatt is a SMG Support for Seattle Surge. In addition to his COD runs, he was an accomplished professional Halo player with team Status Quo. He has worked his way to the top of the Call of Duty scene throughout the four seasons of Call of Duty: Ghosts. During this time, he won many T8 finishes with Curse and JusTus.

Source: YouTube/FaZe Enable

With FaZe, Enable took 3rd place at the Call of Duty Championship in 2015. That same year, he won ESWC 2015 with OpTic Gaming. These days he’s sponsored by Red Bull and has pulled in $439,630 from his competitive COD wins so far. Enable likely has earned just as much, if not more, from his Halo wins.

12. The Best COD Players of All Time: Prestinni

Source: YouTube/DEXERTO Call of Duty

Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson is a SMG Support for eUnited, making him a teammate of aBeZy and a fellow 2019 World Champion. He broke onto the scene in Black Ops 3 on EZG eSports West with his twin brother Arcitys and subsequently landed a number of first-place finishes in a variety of leagues with teams like Apotheon, FLARE, and GosuCrew.

Source: YouTube/DEXERTO Call of Duty

Prestinni and his twin brother Arcitys joined eUnited, and havn’t looked back since. At the CWL Las Vegas Open, eUnited made it through pools with ease and later placed second, which qualified them for the CWL Pro League. It was then that Prestinni got to be a part of a world championship team. The win makes up a sizable portion of his $459,873 in earnings to date.

11. The Best COD Players of All Time: Arcitys

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/AimazingXP

In addition to being Prestinni’s twin brother, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson is a Main AR for Chicago Huntsmen and another 2019 World Champion. He’s made himself into one of the best ARs in the world, and continues to show his worth at every league he competes in. This was proven when he played a key role in helping eUnited clinch the win at the CWL Pro League for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season.

Source: YouTube/eUnited

The grand prize for that one win was $800,000, which he shared with his brother and fellow teammates. In total, he’s earned nearly the same amount as his brother but comes out just ahead with $464,112 in winnings. 

10. The Best COD Players of All Time: ACHES

Source: YouTube/Call of Duty League

Patrick “ACHES” Price is currently the captain for the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Previously, he has captained other high-profile teams, such as Leverage, compLexity, Evil Geniuses, and FaZe Clan. He is a rate two-time World Champion, having won the title in 2014 and 2018. Between late-2014 and mid-2015, he was known as the “winningest” player in Call of Duty history.

Source: YouTube/DEXERTO Call of Duty

ACHES began competing in major events with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He won his first World championship with compLexity at the MLG Columbus Open 2014, where he and his teammates took home $400,000. With Evil Geniuses, ACHES earned his second world championship at the Call of Duty World League Championship. He has a total of 17 LAN Championships to his name.

9. The Best COD Players of All Time: John

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/Gamereactor

Johnathon “John” Perez is a SMG Slayer for Luminosity Gaming. Before joining Luminosity, he struggled to find and hold a position on a professional team, and for a while, it seemed like a career in esports might elude him. Luckily, during the Black Ops 3 season, John joined with Crowder, Saints, and SpaceLy to make up the Luminosity starting line-up.

Source: YouTube/Call of Duty League

Without a doubt, 2016 was John’s year. Not only did his team, Team Envy, take home the World Championship that year, John earned the title of Most Valuable Player in recognition of his map winning plays and slaying support he provided. To date, he’s one of the few players to earn more than half a million in Call of Duty winnings.

8. The Best COD Players of All Time: Apathy

Source: YouTube/Apathy BZ

Next up is one of John’s teammates, Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov, who is now a SMG Support for Seattle Surge. Like Enable, he got his start playing Halo but was quickly recognized during the Call of Duty: Black Ops season. Playing with FaZe Clan, he won his first major event, the MLG Columbus Open in 2014.

Source: YouTube/Apathy BZ

In addition to his 2016 World Championship win with John on Team Envy, Apathy also won a World Championship in 2018 with ACHES on Evil Geniuses. In between, he got to the finals in the 2017 championships and was named a 2017 CWL Pro League All-Star. So far, he’s earned $580,347 from his collective COD prize winnings.

7. The Best COD Players of All Time: FormaL

Source: YouTube/OpTic FormaL

Matthew “FormaL” Piper is a Main AR for Chicago Huntsmen. Prior to his COD career, he won seven events in three different Halo games. While this would be a peak performance record any player could be proud of, his COD statistics are just as memorable. FormaL won three events with three different teams across three different games over a two month period. He remains the first esports player to win a major LAN event in both Call of Duty and Halo.

Source: YouTube/AimazingXP

In 2017, he won the $600,000 World Championship as part of OpTic Gaming and was named Most Valuable Player for the tournament. He’s won a total of $628,932 through Call of Duty and has probably more than $1 million in winnings with COD and Halo.

6. The Best COD Players of All Time: SlasheR

Source: YouTube/AimazingXP

Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat is an AR Slayer for OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. Along with Apathy and John, he was a part of the World Championship winning team for the Call of Duty: Black Ops III season in 2016. The prize pool for that event was $2,000,000—the largest prize pool in Call of Duty history at the time.

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/DBLTAP Call of Duty

SlasheR was motivated to embark on a competitive Call of Duty career after realizing he could travel around the world and win money by playing video games. In addition to his 2016 win, he was named the CWL Anaheim 2019 MVP and became a 2019 CWL Pro League All-Star. His total winnings come out to $635,933.

5. The Best COD Players of All Time: Scump

Source: YouTube/Scump

Seth “Scump” Abner is a SMG Slayer for Chicago Huntsmen. Along with FormaL, he fought through 32 other teams to become a World Champion in 2017, taking home $600,000 in winnings for OpTic Gaming. He is one of the longest-tenured OpTic players, having served with the franchise for a solid five years.

Source: YouTube/Scump

Today, Scump is the second “winningest” player in Call of Duty esports history. He has amassed a total of 27 major championship wins. He is also the only player in all of esports to win back-to-back XGAMES Gold Medals. Scump has over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the rare celebrity/pro player crossovers.

4. The Best COD Players of All Time: JKap

Source: YouTube/NAMELESS

Jordan “JKap” Kaplan is an AR Slayer for OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, and the last member from the 2016 World Championship-winning Envy Team to make our list. The previous year, he won the World Champions for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season as part of Denial Esports. This makes him one of only two players to win back-to-back Call of Duty World Championships.

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/Call of Duty League

All together, JKap has appeared in four Call of Duty grand finals, the most of any player in the game’s history. Three of those appearances were back-to-back-to-back, but his streak ended in 2018. He’s earned $704,868 through his pro COD career thus far.

3. The Best COD Players of All Time: Clayster

Best COD Players
Source: YouTube/Call of Duty League

Next is JKap’s Denial partner, James “Clayster” Eubanks. For his performance in the 2015 World Championship finals, wherein he led Bracket Play with a 1.31 kill-to-death-ratio, Clayster was named the Most Valuable Player. These days he serves as an AR Slayer for Dallas Empire.

Source: YouTube/Clayster

Clayster became the first COD player to win every championship accolade, making him a “grand slam champion” of competitive play. He was a CWL Pro League All-Star in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and is the most successful Modern Warfare 2 player in history, with over $15,000 in prize money. All told, he’s earned $728,397 by playing Call of Duty.

2. The Best COD Players of All Time: Crimsix

Source: YouTube/Crimsix

Ian “Crimsix” Porter is a Main AR for Dallas Empire. He became a World Champion in 2014 and repeated the accolade in 2017. To this date, he is the “winningest” player in Call of Duty history, with 32 major tournament wins to his name and has held that title for four and a half years. 

Source: YouTube/Crimsix

Crimsix is one of several pro COD players who made the jump from Halo, and that jump has certainly paid off for him. He was the first person in the world to earn the title of Major League Gaming Pro Player in both Halo and Call of Duty. He is also the only player in Call of Duty who has won five back-to-back ESWC Championships. His total COD winnings come out to $777,657.

1. The Best COD Players of All Time: Karma

Source: YouTube/Karma

With all 19 previous players on our list, a Canadian player takes the top spot. Damon “Karma” Barlow is a Flex player for Seattle Surge, and his list of accomplishments speaks for itself. He won the first-ever Call of Duty Championship title back in 2013, and the next year became the first of only two players to win back-to-back COD World Championships (the other is JKap). 

Source: YouTube/SteveJC

As if this wasn’t enough, in 2017, Karma became the only player to win three World Championships. With $804,847 in Call of Duty earnings, he has won more money playing the game than anyone else and is also the highest-earning console player in esports history. Karma attributes much of his success to his motto: “Hate losing more than you love winning.”

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