20 Indie Games from PAX Rising to Check Out

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Composed of several independent digital game developers, PAX Rising is the heart of PAX Australia. And yet, there are at least 20 indie games that the market has yet to learn about from the unit. But that’s what we are here for. 

Coming up are 20 new indie games from PAX Rising. 

20. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Quantum Suicide

Source: YouTube/Cotton Candy Cyanide

Quantum Suicide will be released on PlayStation 4 in late 2020 but was released on Mac and PlayStation Vita in December 2019. 

The game is simple: you are on a mission with your team to find a new home for humanity. The mission starts out okay, but then the artificial intelligence on the ship goes rogue. As in homicidally rogue. Yeah, not an ideal situation, and that’s when the game gets tough. Or fun, depending on how you look at it. When the AI goes rogue, players have to decide who will survive (a real Sophie’s Choice, if you ask me). But it’s not all depressing: players can also choose who on the ship they want to get romantically involved with as well. 

The game was developed by Cotton Candy Cyanide, and it features witty writing and great art. Oh, and did we mention that you get to choose the gender of the person you want to be romantic with? That’s a massive addition to the game and is one likely appreciated by communities across the board. 

19. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Chaos Tavern

Source: YouTube/DragonBear Studios

There’s no release date yet for this game, but it sounds fun. It’s like a mixture of FarmVille and Lords and Peasants. Sort of. Kinda. We’re not totally sure because, you know, the release is TBD, but hear us out: in the game, four players run a magical tavern and serve customers with drinks and food. As your establishment expands the more you play, players are expected to fend off thieves, upgrade the interior and exterior of the tavern, and buy furniture. 

The game was developed by DragonBears Studios. 

18. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Best Friend Forever

Source: YouTube/Starcolt

Best Friend Forever will be released in February 2020 on PC and Nintendo Switch. Essentially, it’s a dating simulator, but there’s a twist: the dating is centered around dogs.

Okay, that’s not totally true.

The game works like this: in the game, you have romantic options (and dogs… so many dogs), and you simply make the decision whether you want to date someone because you like them for them, or you like their dogs. It’s totally up to you. No one is going to judge. 

Honestly, that’s all we really know about the game at the moment. But love and dogs—what more could you want? 

17. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Unpacking

Source: YouTube/goHuntEnt

To be released on Steam in late 2020, Unpacking was developed by Witch Beam, and it is a game that gets players to unpack and arrange items from boxes after moving into a new home. 

It’s being marketed as a puzzle or an open-ended 3D Tetris, but a lot of people are hoping the game will have a calming presence. After all, organizing things has proven to be a very zen experience for some. 

16. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Necrobarista

Source: YouTube/Route 59

The game, developed by Route 59, is essentially a visual novel, but it plays out in 3D cinematic style. It’s an interesting concept, too. 

Players act as baristas at Terminal, and their job is to help the dead find their final rest. The visual style can be compared to anime, making it ideal for those who are a fan of this genre. 

Despite missing the October 2019 launch date, all is said to be going well with Necrobarista, and the game will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2020. 

15. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Broken Roads

Source: YouTube/Drop Bear Bytes

Yes, this game won’t be released until 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. And yes, it is worth the wait. 

It’s a post-apocalyptic game that has a morality system that revolves around four different philosophical positions. The first is nihilist, and the others include machiavellian, existentialist, and utilitarian. The game sees players make their way across an abandoned Australia, and player’s dialogue options are all influenced by their philosophical learning throughout the game. 

Not everyone is into post-apocalyptic games, and that’s okay. If you are, though, keep an eye out in 2021 for Broken Roads, developed by Drop Bear Bytes. 

14. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Dead Static Drive

Source: YouTube/GameSpot Gameplay

Developed by Team Fanclub and set to be released in 2020 on Xbox Game Pass and PC, Dead Static Drive is another post-apocalyptic game coming out of PAX Rising. However, there’s a twist: it’s also a road trip game. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: please explain. Okay. It’s really quite simple: players drive around in a classic muscle car, exploring a destroyed world and avoiding dangerous monsters. With that said, there is a philosophical element to this game, as players have to decide whether to trust the people they meet along the way. Do you take them with you on your road trip? Or do you leave them in the hands of the monsters? There are all ethical questions that players have to face at one point or another in Dead Static Drive. 

13. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Wayward Strand

Source: YouTube/Pixel Sift

Wayward Strand will be released on Steam in 2020, and the adventure game centers around Casey Beaumaris, a student journalist. In the game, players (who play as Casey) explore a 1970s hospital that has several characters, each with unique stories. 

The path of the story changes depending on who players choose to spend their time talking with at the hospital. Time management is important in the game, but don’t get too overwhelmed if you struggle with this skill: the game presents you with a heartfelt and genuine story that individuals should not let escape them. 

12. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Unfamiliar

Source: YouTube/AllGamesWorldHd

Released on Steam in December, Unfamiliar is a sure thing for those who like felines, and, well, chilling. 

There is no conflict in this game, nor is there combat. Really all you do is play as a feline cat witch, stroll around papercraft worlds, listen to relaxing music, and play cat dress-up. Not a bad day at the office. The graphics are well done, and there’s never a dull moment: along the way, your cat will pick up various items and ingredients, adding to the overall experience. 

11. Indie Games from PAX Rising: The Rewinder

Source: YouTube/Media Academy Online

To be released on Steam in 2020, The Rewinder is a pixel art point-and-click adventure game, developed by MistyMountainStudio. It’s a game that relies heavily on the supernatural, as players travel around solving the problems of the living and the dead. Players must also return lost souls to Samsara. 

Players do this by investigating the world and rewinding time. Changes in the past affect both the present and future, so choose carefully. 

10. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Exo One

Source: YouTube/Cobra TV

Released on Steam, players take the form of a mercurial ball in this game, and they can roll down hills and gain speed and potential. As you hit the next hill’s crest, players change their form, from a flat aerodynamic discus back into the dense sphere. 

9. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Hot Brass

Source: YouTube/ThreeGuysCo-op

At the moment, we’re not sure when this game will be released, but word is that Hot Brass will be released on Steam. Hot Brass is developed by Walk with Kings, and it is essentially a top-down tactical police simulator. But there’s a twist. Instead of killing the criminals, you want to arrest them peacefully. In fact, violence should come last, as shooting unarmed criminals will result in the game ending. 

In this game, it’s important to use the environment around you to expand your tactical options, as this gives you more chances to resolve situations peacefully. 

8. Indie Games from PAX Rising: The Vigilante Proclivities of the Longspur

Source: irreverentpixelfeats.itch.io

Try saying the name of this game ten times fast. Go on, I dare you. 

Developed by Irreverent Pixel Feats, and to be released on Steam PC in October 2021, this game is a point-and-click adventure game that has aspects one could compare to LucasArts and Tony Stark. Essentially, the game is about Marlowe Reed, who is both a billionaire and a superhero by day. It tells a serious story about humans and technology, but the game plays relatively simply: solve puzzles with different items, and you’ll reach new areas and new puzzles. 

7. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Speaking Simulator

Source: YouTube/Affable Games

Sometimes we take human speech for granted, but Speaking Simulator is a game that reminds us how lucky we are to have it. Developed by Affable Games, players in Speaking Simulator play as a robot, and the aim is to infiltrate human society. However, to do this, the robots have to learn how to speak like humans. And there are challenges that go with this. We won’t spoil anything for you, though. You’re just going to have to play the game to find out. 

6. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Kana Quest

Source: YouTube/The Hub Level

To be released in the first quarter of 2020 on Steam, this game is developed by Not Dead Design. It’s an ideal game for those learning Japanese, as players have to place blocks to make matches (sort of like in Dominoes), but instead of numbers, players use letters of kana, the Japanese alphabet. 

Who said learning a language can’t be fun? 

5. Indie Games from PAX Rising: This Starry Void

Source: YouTube/Chironex Studios

In 2020, This Starry Void will be released on Mac, PC, and Linux. Individuals play as a single character that can switch out their weapons and tools whenever they see fit, in exchange for their arm.

The game combines traditional sorcery settings and medieval swords with space and concepts of sentience, making it not only a fun game to play but a challenging one too. 

4. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Ring of Pain

Source: YouTube/Simon Boxer

Ring of Pain is an escape card game, in which players must travel through different rooms, encountering dangers along the way, to reach the exit. It’s a game that requires a lot of thought, as players must decide whether to fight or flee or to engage in a circle of cards that are either harmful or helpful. Choose which way you work through the ring, and see which cards you are presented with. 

If you make it to the exit, pat yourself on your back. 

3. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Guile and Glory: Firstborn

Source: YouTube/Nookrium

Details are sparse on this one, but here’s what we know.

Guile and Glory: Firstborn is a grid combat RPG that is set in a classic fantasy world. To fight your enemy, you must use spatial manipulation, forcing them into traps like spikes. You cannot directly damage your enemies, making it all the more challenging. 

2. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Sacrificial Lamb

Source: PixaBay

Despite being an unannounced prototype, and with no images to put a face to the game and very little information about it, I still believe Sacrificial Lamb could be a hit within a particular niche.

What we do know is that it’s essentially a survival game where users play as little lambs going about their day. But there’s a twist: the lambs worship the devil. During the game, the lambs must build a home, collect resources, and fulfill basic survival needs, all while collecting other critters to sacrifice to the devil. 

Dark and eerie, but the cartoon presentation of the lambs adds some lightness to the concept. 

1. Indie Games from PAX Rising: Misadventure of Little Lon

Source: YouTube/True Crime Mysteries

This AR mobile game developed by True Crime Mysteries tells the true crime story of Ernest Gunter, who was murdered in 1910. Individuals play as a journalist, and they must gather information about the case, using real testimonies and newspaper articles.

The game combines true crime, AR, and mystery gameplay, making it an ideal download for those looking to take their interests in true crime podcasts one step further. 

Featured image: DepositPhotos © AlexKv2

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