Europe’s Largest Esports Stadium to Open in November 2019

Rabo esports stadium

According to a news release from H20 Esports, Europe’s largest stadium that will be exclusively used for competitive gaming will be opened before 2019 is out.

The Rabo Esports Stadium, a joint venture between H20 and Rabobank, will be located in Amsterdam at the site what was formerly a Dutch school and sports hall. In addition to the stadium, the approximately 100,000 square-foot location will also feature a state-of-the-art campus used exclusively for the development of esports, gaming, and creative technology. 

In all, the campus will be home to a wide range of facilities related to esports. This will include a stage with player desks, playing areas, broadcasting and shoutcasting equipment, an interactive racing center, a gaming club with high-quality virtual reality gear, and a multi-area that gaming companies can rent to maintain a presence on the campus. 

Already, 75 days worth of events have been booked for the stadium starting in 2020. H20 Esports founder Dirk Tuip has said that his company’s goal was to create a campus worth of the growing esports industry in Europe, as well as one comparable to any traditional sports campus on the continent.


The Economic Advantage of Esports Arenas

The Rabo Esports Stadium is Amsterdam’s first fully-fledged esports arena. The Netherlands now joins most other major European nations in hosting esports-focused campuses and stadiums. 

A significant portion of esports revenue is generated through live events, so locations like the Rabo stadium are integral for the industry’s continued growth. In addition, the arena promises to be a good investment for the city of Amsterdam, as just this year esports crossed a significant threshold in becoming a billion-dollar industry

Eric Zwart, the chairman of the Board for Rabobank, says that the stadium will be an economic catalyst for the Waterland region, where the stadium will be built. He adds that the arena will specifically cater to youth, as the esports industry is a great way for young people to engage with each other and develop important skills. 

Finally, Zwart also cites H20 Esports as a company with an admirable focus on education.

Keep watching the space for more developments on the Rabo Esports Stadium.


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