FreeFire OB 25 Advance Server Update Details


Every month or so, FreeFire releases an advance server with updates that can be tested before they are released to the public. These updates include new characters, weapons and pets. Here is the description of the updates available in the server this time:

Who is Snowelle?

Snowelle is a 25 year old Robotics and Nanotechnology expert. She works as a lab researcher. Snowelle seems to be connected to another character, i.e., A124, the cyborg. Like most characters Snowelle had a troubled past. Her parents used to swindle rich people, and Snowelle vowed to undo the damage they had done to others. Snowelle’s ability is called ‘Nano Nerves’. When enemies take a hit from Snowelle, they will not be able to use their active abilities for a short duration. Moreover, opponents will not be able to convert their EP into HP. This could help her be a perfect counter to characters like Alok and K, who rely on EP conversion.

New Weapons:

The OB 25 will be introducing the Kriss Vector, an SMG with an extremely high fire rate. This gun would be a great introduction to the game, especially for beginners.

The MAG – 7 shotgun also possesses a high fire rate. However, it is a pump-action gun, which means that we would need to press the fire button repeatedly for a lasting effect. Meanwhile, a high – powered scythe from the vengeance event will also be available to users.


A pet by the name of Brabuino has also been introduced in FreeFire. Brabuino is a Mandrill, which is considered to be the largest amongst all monkeys. His skill is called ‘Helping Hand’, which increases the launch distance of grenades, flashbangs and gloowalls, amongst others.

How to register for the server?

Following are the steps that need to be taken in order to register for the FreeFire advance server.

1) Visit the FreeFire advance server website by clicking here.

2) Start the registration process by logging into your Facebook account. Click on the ‘ Login Facebook ‘ option for the same.

3) Once you log in, you will be asked for specific details such as name, active email ID, as well as mobile number.

4) Once the details have been submitted, an APK download option appears. Once the link has been activated, which takes only a few seconds, you can proceed to download the file.

5) An activation code appears, which can be used to log into the game.

The advance server download link activates on the 26th of November, 2020. This beta version also works with the global version, and both can exist simultaneously on your device.

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When will the updates be available in the global version?

As the updates have just been launched on FreeFire, it will take at least a month before they are introduced globally. So far, Dasha has been recently added to the game, and we expect Sverr and Snowelle to be added by early next year. However, the current season of ranked mode ends on the 23rd of December, and maybe these updates could arrive just in time for the holiday season

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