FreeFire latest character Dasha: All you need to know


FreeFire is one of the most popular games in the world across mobile devices. It offers a variety of weapons, gun skins and pets, which ensure that the game always has something new to offer. The game also managed to surpass an incredible $1 billion in revenue in November 2019, barely two years after its launch. One of the highlights of this game is the wide variety of characters offered. Currently, FreeFire has 33 playable characters.

Adam and Eve are basic characters who do not possess any special abilities, with the remaining 31 having unique traits that make them extremely useful in the game. Now, a new character has been made available to the users, and she goes by the name of Dasha. Given below are the details of the latest character in FreeFire.

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 Dasha character description:

Dasha is a 25-year-old woman with her birthday on December 8. As per the description on the official website, she was a happy child, who faced a series of unfortunate events in her life. Her parents died, and then her best friend moved away. As an orphan, she was mistreated by her foster family, and she was living in a time when her country was on the brink of war. At the age of 18, she decided to ‘ use fun as a weapon to reclaim her life’.

Later, she was arrested for decorating the statue of a war hero with garlands and was sent to FreeFire Island to battle it out amongst other survivors.

 Special Survival Ability:

Like a majority of the playable characters, Dasha also possesses a special ability, which is simply called ‘ Party On ‘. This ability reduces the damage taken as well as recovery time from falls. It also helps her to reduce the rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil. At level 1, her damage taken from falls reduces by 30%, and the recovery time from falls is reduced by an incredible 60%. It also helps her to reduce maximum recoil by 10%. At level 5, one is allowed to summon Dasha’s airdrop playcard. And by level

8, i.e. , the highest level, damage from falls is reduced by 50 %, and reduce recovery time from falls by 80%. She also ensures that the rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil is reduced by 10% each. This skill ensures that she can avoid damage while jumping from rooftops to avoid enemy gunfire. Lower recoil rates ensure that she has better accuracy while using snipers and highly powered assault rifles.

Dasha also has a character set in FreeFire, which goes by the name of ‘ Rebellious Prankster Set ‘. She is currently available in the FreeFire store for 499 diamonds, which is a decent asking price for the character, and her memory fragment bundle comes at the standard asking price of 40 diamonds. Although she is not amongst the 5 strongest characters in the game, she definitely has functional abilities that make her a strong contender in the game.

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