FreeFire Continental Series Rewards for Users


Garena FreeFire offers several rewards to users in order to help them level up and progress in the game. These come mostly in the form of daily login rewards, as well as store rewards that can be redeemed with the usage of gold, diamond and weapon vouchers. This time around, as a part of the FreeFire Continental Series ( FFCS ) which is being held concurrently during the last weekend of November for three areas – Asia, EMEA ( Europe, Middle East and Africa ), and LATAM ( Latin American ) regions, great rewards are being offered! Let us take a look at the complete list.

 Daily watch event:

In the ‘news’ section of FreeFire, we find the details of the daily watch event. During this watch event ‘BOOYAH’, the official FreeFire streaming app is having a ‘ Watch Clips To Win ‘ event. From 24th to 28th November, players need to watch at least 10 minutes of live stream clips to win an amazing set of rewards. The rewards on offer include 50 Booyahs, 3 Triangle Tokens ( I’ll explain this in a short while ) , and the FFCS Disciple Backpack. Similarly, the ‘ Daily Watch To Win ‘ event requires users to watch at least 30 minutes of Livestream, which will earn them the same number of Booyahs and Triangle Tokens, as well as a FFCS parachute.

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 FFCS Top Up Rewards:

In the ‘events’ section, as a part of the FreeFire Continental Series tournament for 2020, rewards are being offered to those who top up their accounts with Diamonds. A top-up of 100 diamonds would give users DJ Alok’s shades. With a top-up of 300 diamonds, users would be granted with some of the most amazing flying technology. And for 500 diamonds, users would be gifted with the grand prize – a sports car – which is widely considered to be the best vehicle in FreeFire.

 Light Up The World:

In this event, players can login to receive one daily token. They can also copy and share an invite code and invite up to 1 friend per day for 4 additional tokens. Users can use two of these light tokens to randomly light up 1 out of the 12 trophies on display, or receive a bonfire. 4 of these tokens will guarantee a trophy. Collecting only two of these trophies would grant the users 5 triangle tokens. 6 trophies would gift the user a FreeFire parachute, and players who collect all of these trophies would be awarded an epic gift box.

Triangle tokens are used to accumulate rewards in the ‘Free bundle’ section. Watching live matches and predicting match winners would help the user accumulate rewards such as gold, weapon and diamond vouchers, gold coins, grenades, with the grand prize-giving the user an FFCS Apprentice Set. Triangle tokens can be redeemed in this section until the 6th of December.

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