FreeFire Continental Championships Play In Results


The FreeFire Continental series is the Global Championship event for FreeFire. Last year, the FreeFire World Series was held, and this year’s event was scheduled to be held in Brazil. However, due to the pandemic, and Brazil being one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the virus, this event was substituted with the Continental Series. The play-ins were held over the 21st and 22nd of November, and the finals are scheduled for 29th November.

Play – In Results:

The winners of the local tournaments from India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam had already qualified for the finals. From India, Total Sports Gaming ( TSG ) were the winners, who directly made it into the finals. With 5 spots up for grabs, the following qualifiers battled it out:

CRX Elite ( India Championship )
XTZ Esports (India Championship)
Team TG ( Pakistan Qualifier )
V – Gaming ( Arena of Survival – Vietnam )
Burst the Sky ( Arena of Survival – Vietnam )
King of Gamers Club ( Pro League Thailand )
EXP Esports ( Pro League Thailand )
RRQ Hades ( Indonesia Masters )
ONIC Olympus ( Indonesia Masters )
LGDS ( Summer Cup – Taiwan )
Auto Knockout ( Tri – Nation Cup )
Baby Argon ( Tri – Nation Cup ).

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King of Gamers ( KOG ) from Thailand won the playoffs of the FreeFire Championships with an incredible 203 points and 52 kills. EXP Esports, also from Thailand, took second place with 154 points and 38 kills. Burst The Sky from Vietnam finished a distant 3rd with 118 points and 22 kills.
The first two matches of the day took place on the Bermuda and Purgatory maps. They were won by Onic Olympus and V – Gaming with 5 and 12 kills respectively. The third match took place on the Kalahari desert map, with the eventual winners KOG
comfortably landing 10 kills. Team EXP landed 11 kills and V – Gaming landed 2 kills. At the halfway stage, King of Gamers sat atop the leaderboard with an impressive 108 points. The fourth and fifth matches of the day were also played on the Bermuda and Purgatory maps, and were won by RRQ Hades and King of Gamers club with 10 and 9

kills respectively. King of Gamers kept stretching the gap between themselves and the other teams, which inevitably led to their victory. The sixth and final game of the playoffs was on the Kalahari map and was won by Team Baby Argon won with 8 kills, Burst The Sky finished with 2 kills, and EXP Esports collectively landed 11 kills.

Despite their victory, Team Baby Argon finished in 7th position, which was two positions off the qualification mark. They missed the mark by 8 points. Although RRQ Hades from Indonesia was the third best team in terms of a number of kills (32), due to a lower points collection ( 107 ) , they had to be content with fourth place. However, that was enough to take them through to the finals. V gaming and Onic Olympus were tied on 92 points apiece, but V Gaming went through on the tie – break basis.

The Indian teams, CRX Elite and XTZ Esports, did not have a great tournament, finishing a dismal eleventh and eighth respectively. XTZ Esports landed 64 points and managed to get into double digits with 10 kills. CRZ Elite managed 45 points, but finished with only 3 kills. Although they must be disappointed, they should take heart from the magnanimous effort they put in for the tournament. Being amongst the top professional gaming teams in a country with a population of 1.38 billion people is certainly not easy.

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