Free Fire Titan Invitational: Details and Highlights

Free Fire

12 of India’s best teams were invited for the Free Fire Titan Invitational tournament. The tournament was divided into two phases – a clash squad battle, which was held on the 16th of January, and a Battle Royal Championship, which was held on the 17th of January. 

The following were the 12 participating teams: 

  • S8UL 
  • Galaxy Racers 
  • Future Station Esports 
  • Noble Esports 
  • Total Gaming 
  • AFF Esports 
  • Marcos Gaming 
  • XTZ Esports 
  • Team Chaos 
  • TSGxScout 
  • 4 Unknown 
  • Team Elite 

For the clash squad battle, there was a total prize pool of Rs. 5,00,000 /- . Team S8UL, Noble Esports, Marcos Gaming and TSGxScout received a direct entry into the quarterfinals. In the knockout rounds, which were best – of – 1 clash, FutureStation Esports, Total Gaming, Team Chaos and 4 Unknown pulled through to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Free Fire event.

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Noble Esports gave a tough fight to Total Gaming, but Total Gaming were too strong for them, and made their way to the quarters against FutureStation Esports. Team Chaos defeated Marcos Gaming, to set up a showdown with TSGxScout in the best of 3 semifinals. Total Gaming won the first set 4 – 1 against FutureStation, but were blanked 4 – 0 in the second set. In the final set, just when it seemed as if FutureStation would run away with the game, did Total Gaming make a comeback, and win 4 – 2 to enter the best of 5 finals. They continued their undefeated run to beat Team Chaos in the final, and ultimately landed the winners trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 3,00,000/- . 

Battle Royal Highlights 

Day 2’s Battle Royal event of the Free Fire event was an epic showdown. With a prize pool of Rs. 20,00,000 /- up for grabs, the teams put in their best efforts for claiming the top spot. The kill and placement points were halved in the battle royale phase. In round 1, TSGxScout were the first to be eliminated. Total Gaming knocked out Noble Esports to up their kill count to 5, but they were defeated in the high pressure stages of the game.

Ultimately 4 Unknown beat Marcos Gaming in a 4vs2 clash to claim the first Booyah. In round 2, Marcos Gaming continued their impressive streak, and knocked out Total Gaming early in the round, with their team player Alex knocking out 3 players. Team Noble and S8UL were having a good run, but in the zone reduction phase, they were eliminated in clashes. 4 Unknown outwitted TSGxScout to land consecutive Booyahs, with all their players intact this time. In round 3, TSGxScout made a comeback, and killed 3 AFF Esports members at the beginning. 4 Unknown were felled early in the game by Galaxy Racer, and they took the 11th spot in the Free Fire event.

4 teams were eliminated inside a minute the zone phase, and ultimately XTZ Esports beat Vasiyo from Galaxy Racer in a 4 vs 1 to claim the Booyah. Round 4 was in the purgatory zone ( Kalahari was not a map for the Battle Royale, teams alternated between Bermuda and Purgatory ). Total Gaming landed 5 of the 1st 10 kills, and a dozen players were killed during the third zonal phase reduction. 4 Unknown went on the attack and crushed AFF, and Total Gaming and FutureStation died within 3 seconds of each other.

In a 4 vs 1 between 4 Unknown and XTZ Esports, who were the only Booyah owners, 4 Unknown landed their 3rd Booyah, with their entire team alive. In round 5, BarcaBoi knocked out 3 players from Team Chaos. Noble Esports played their best round of the tournament, landing 9 kills, with their fragger NIKU landing 5 kills. MEHUL revived two of his teammates from Noble Esports who were knocked down, and eventually, they landed their first Booyah.

In the final round, all the teams played a waiting game. Later, Noble Esports continued their killing spree, eliminating 5 of the first 8 players. Total Gaming only managed the 10th spot in this round, with Team Noble landing another blow. 4 Unknown were eliminated soon after, to leave the final results hanging in the balance. Marcos Gaming landed 6 kills, and eventually the Booyah. Due to their consistency, they finished with the 2nd spot in the final standings, with 67 points. Noble Esports and Team S8UL finished close behind in the 3rd and 4th spot with 64 and 63 points respectively. 4 Unknown’s triple Booyahs landed them the crown with 74 points, and they took home Rs. 10,00,000 /- as the winners.

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