Free Fire Offers and Crazy Sale for the month of December 2020

Free Fire

Garena regularly provides a variety of offers in Free Fire in order to pique the users interest in the game. As the year is about to conclude, let us take a detailed look at some of the new offers that have dropped this time. 

Free Fire Crazy Sale 

The Crazy Sale runs from 17th until the 23rd of December, 2020. There are various items available for sale, such as Weapon and Incubator vouchers, a New years MP40 box, as well as Jai, India’s very own character, that is modelled on Hrithik Roshan. As per the rules, 8 items are on display at any point of time.

Players can buy up to all 8 items at one time. Buying 1 item would give you a 50% discount, 2 items a 55% and 3 or more items would give you an incredible 70% discount. 10 diamonds are required to refresh the items , but the first two refreshes are free. At any point of time, players can lock up to 5 items. Locked items will be kept, while the rest will be changed when you refresh the items. Items that are bought will be immediately replaced with new items, and purchased items would not be shown again in the shop. 

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 Let us illustrate this with an example. In case you decide to purchase Jai, who costs 499 diamonds in Free Fire, and the bundle of 10 weapon Royale vouchers and 10 incubator vouchers each, then the total price would come to 1299 diamonds, but due to this offer, you need to pay only 389 diamonds ! It is the best Christmas offer that one could possibly hope for. 

Regional Battle Season 4 

Season 4 began on December 1, however, it will run the 31st of the same month, so it is not too late to join the party. Reigning Champions Nepal will compete against India and Bangladesh for the title once again. As per the rules, players need to choose their country, and then join after confirmation. Once you have already confirmed the same, the country cannot be changed, so players are requested to ensure that they do not accidentally click the wrong option.

Players accumulate points when they play Battle Royale or the Clash mode. In Battle Royale mode in Free Fire, players earn 150 points for a Booyah, 100 points for 2nd place, and 50 points for the 3rd position. They also receive 10 points per kill. In the Clash Squad, players earn 25 points for a Booyah, and 5 points per kill. Multiple rewards are up for grabs in this event. The top 1% of individuals in the weekly rankings would receive a Tiger Suit, the top 5% a level 4 character card, the top 25% would receive 3 EP badges, and the top 50% would get 3 refills of pet food that can level up the pets. As season rewards for individuals, players in the top 1% will receive a Scar Ultimate Titan, which is one of the best weapon skins in the game, with other rewards on offer for people in lower denominations. All individual players of the winning country would receive 3 weapon vouchers each ! Season rewards can be claimed from 29th until the 31st of December.

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