Free Fire Cosmic Racer Game play: All Details and information

Free Fire

As part of the unveiling of Chrono, the latest character in Free Fire, Garena has introduced a variety of events to obtain rewards from. Unlike past events, however, they have also introduced a new gameplay mode – Cosmic Racer which can be used to obtain multiple rewards. Let us take a detailed look at the event. 

Cosmic Racer: 

1) In the maps section in the lobby, there is a new option added, which is titled as ‘ Cosmic Racer – Bermuda ‘. Click on this option. 

2) Once this mode has been selected, players will receive an option to choose a fast team, as in, a friend or colleague who can immediately join the game with them. The other option is labelled as community team, wherein players can invite friends from other social media platforms to the game. You need only one more player, as this is a two player game. 

3) In case you do not have any friends who play Free Fire or are available at the moment, you have the option of simply pressing the ‘Start’ option, where you will be paired with a random player. 

4) Once you have clicked on the start option, you will be placed in the gameplay lobby for 30 seconds along with 29 to 31 other players. Your partner’s username will be displayed on the screen in the lobby. Once the countdown is completed, these players will be divided into 15 – 16 teams in groups of 2. 

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Cosmic Racer Gameplay in Free Fire: 

1)Once the clock has run down, the game begins. A player will be notified if he is the captain or not. If the player is the captain, then he will be the driver and not the shooter. The team of two will begin to descend immediately from the cosmic craft. 

2) The cosmic craft can traverse on both water as well as land. The player also has the option of switching positions within 3 seconds to switch between shooting and driving. There is an option on the left hand side of the screen for the same. 

3) When the vehicles HP bar becomes zero, the whole team gets eliminated. 

4) There are different coloured boosts available across the map. The yellow boosts level up the vehicle. The green boosts restore vehicle health, and the shooter will get a medkit as well. The red boost grants different skills and buffs, such as increase in vehicle speed, a vehicle shield, etc. 

5) The rules are the same, and the safe zone will decrease as it usually does.

6) There are two types of weapons in this version of Free Fire: a normal medium range gun with bullet capacity, as well as rocket launchers from the cosmic craft itself. A few bullets are not enough to destroy the craft, and it essential that players fire a few rockets and pump their guns to destroy a craft. 

7) It is important to note that when you are driving your vehicle, and get hit only a few times, that all of a sudden your vehicle may explode. This could be because your vehicle has taken hits over a period of time, and has not been replenished with enough green boosts. 

8) Make sure to claim your gameplay rewards from the Chrono Racer event after participating in the Cosmic Racer mode in Free Fire.

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