Free Fire Chosen One Event : Details and Review

Free Fire

As a part of the unveiling of Chrono, the latest character of Free FireFire’s latest character, Free Fire has launched two time-limited new game modes – Free Fire Cosmic Racer and Free Fire Chosen One. The Chosen mode opened to the public on the 19th of December. We had earlier discussed Cosmic Racer in this series. Now let us take a look at the Chosen One game mode. 


Chosen One is a 4 vs 4 battle on a reduced portion of the Kalahari map in Free Fire. A safe zone barrier surrounds the area, but it does not decrease in size. At the start of the game, your 3 teammates will be revealed. Players will have a pool of $5 , and they need to purchase weapons using that pool. The M4A1, FAMAS, MP5 and UMP are $1 each, the P90, VECTOR, M1014 and SKS, which are in the second row, are also a dollar each. SXAR, AK, XM8, MP40, M1887, M82B, and AWM are $2 each. Players can choose any combination of weapons, for e.g., they can choose 5 weapons for a dollar each, or two weapons for $2 each and a final weapon using the $1 that is remaining. The entire round will be for 6 minutes and 30 seconds of standard time, and the first team to get 40 points wins the game. For a certain duration, one player from each team will be selected to battle in a 1vs1, and the winner of the duel will trigger double points per kill for his team for a certain period of time. In case the points are level when the clock strikes zero, whichever team lands the first kill in sudden death wins. The number of kills and KDA ( Kill Death Average ) of a player are displayed in the top right corner. 

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We liked the new format of Free Fire, which was also challenging, given that the Kalahari map has a lot of climbing that is required in order to evade and shoot. The wide variety of weapons mostly level the playing field, but a player with a powerful character like K would definitely have an advantage, as he can convert EP into HP, and sustain his health. At the end of the game, player stats are displayed and they are awarded grades. Those with a KDA of 1 and above receive a B grade, those below it receive a C grade, and the player with the best stats is also highlighted. This is something unusual and could be used again, depending on player feedback. There are two important things that should be noted.

One, the Fire button in Chosen One is displayed on the right, and this could complicate shooting for left – handed players. To improve gameplay, we request users to visit the Settings section click on ‘ Controls ‘, and activate the left fire button. Two, since there are only two teams, the chances of landing a Booyah are 50%, whereas in the Cosmic Racer mode, it is 6.7 % due to the number of teams involved. The Chosen One mode could thus increase players chances of getting more Time Crystals, which could be redeemed at the Chrono Bounty store.

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