Free Fire Booyah Qualifiers 2 Day 2: All the Highlights 

Free Fire

The final round of the Free Fire Booyah league stage qualifiers was held on the 19th of January, 2021. The final 12 teams battled it out for a place in the finals the next day. Some of the best teams in India were placed in this group. Here is a list of all the teams: 

  • XTZ 
  • Enigma Gaming 
  • Galaxy Racer 
  • Helping Gamer 
  • Total Gaming 
  • Uttarakhand Esports 
  • Force 1 
  • Crew of 4 
  • Casual Gaming 
  • Sainath Roy Gaming 
  • Rusher Mafia 
  • Asin Clutchgods 

Here are the highlights of the day’s events of the Free Fire event: 

Round 1 – The first round was played on the Bermuda map. Force 1 Esports were eliminated early from the competition. Asin Clutchgods, with only 3 players in their ranks due to possible internet connectivity issues, played a waiting game. Total Gaming landed 2 kills under the bridge. Most of the teams rapidly engaged in a shootout, but Galaxy Racer ( GXR ) and Total Gaming held their ground.

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Enigma Gaming steadily grew their kill count to 9, and outplayed the tactics of Total Gaming and Galaxy Racer. They prevailed with the Booyah. In round 2, two of the underdogs, Casual Gaming and Helping Gamer engaged in an early battle. Casual Gaming lost their entire team, and two Helping Gamer players succumbed to their injuries. Asin Clutchgods managed to get their 4th player on board this time, but they were soon eliminated by Force1.

Galaxy Racer went into an aggressive mode, and engaged with 3 different teams within a short span of time. Maryx from Galaxy landed an excellent head shot at an opponent who was swimming to a safer spot. Multiple teams were landing damage to Total Gaming, who were eventually eliminated in the 7th spot in the Free Fire event. GXR engaged in a smart strategy to land 10 kills, but their aggressive tactics lacked enough balance and they were eliminated in the closing stages of the game. But Enigma Gaming knocked out XTZ at the edge of the final zones to land their second Booyah in a row. 

In the third round, Uttarakhand Esports ( UKES ) went on a rampage, and landed 4 quick kills. Galaxy Racer were a victim of the same strategy that they employed in the second round. Total Gaming had only one player remaining, and he was eliminated in the 5th spot. XTZ, who were one of the favourites, and had been performing constantly well, finally landed the breakthrough. With 15 kills in this round, they destroyed Helping Gamer in a 4vs1 during the zone reduction phase to land the Booyah for round 3.

In the fourth round of the Free Fire event, Galaxy Racer entered with only 3 players. Asin Clutchgods again engaged in an early battle with Force 1, just as they had in the previous rounds, but they were soon eliminated, with Sainath Roy Gaming joining them back to the pavilion. Enigma Gaming, who were surrounded, made a quick comeback to eliminate Crew of 4.

Total Gaming kept losing players after every zone reduction phase, and they could not sustain themselves. Maryx knocked out 3 players from Casual Gaming with a single grenade, which helped his team add valuable kill points before they were eliminated soon after. Ultimately, Enigma made a comeback from their 3rd round loss, to clinch their 3rd Booyah in round 4. They knocked out UKES, who played their best round of the tournament. 

In the fifth round, Asin Clutchgods played a better opening game this time. Rusher Mafia were knocked out by UKES, in a 2 vs 1 scenario in the same house. However, Helping Gamer’s 3 member team entered from the next room and finished UKES in their same spot. Enigma, who had a pretty great run so far, lost 3 players after the 4th zone decrease. They eventually succumbed at the hands of Galaxy Racer. XTZ, Galaxy and Total Gaming were the only teams left in the fray in the Free Fire event.

Ultimately, Total Gaming landed their 1st Booyah, defeating XTZ in a 4 vs 1. After 5 rounds, XTZ , Enigma and Galaxy Racer were going neck to neck in the standings, with 155, 151 and 144 points respectively. In the final round, which was on the Kalahari map, Crew of 4 lost a player before he could even land. Enigma were shockingly eliminated in the last spot by GXR on the hill. XTZ landed 4 kills at the command post. ‘Jayyt’ from XTZ landed excellent long range shots. Force 1, who were in the 7th spot, and 14 points behind Helping Gamer for the final spot, saved their best for the last. They landed 9 wonderful kills. Ultimately, only 1 player each from four teams were left. Total Gaming landed their second Booyah in a row, during the final zone decrease. 

Galaxy Racer finished with the top spot, landing 184 points. XTZ followed them closely behind on 181, and Enigma landed 149 points thanks to their three Booyahs. Total Gaming and Helping Gamer finished fourth and fifth, with Force 1 Esports claiming the final qualification spot after making an excellent comeback. In the next article, we shall discuss the highlights of the second Booyah Finals.

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