Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers 2 – Highlights of the Finals 

Free Fire

In this article, we shall take a look at the exciting highlights from the final day of the Booyah league tournament of the Free Fire event. The following were the 12 teams that made it to the second final: 

  • Galaxy Racer ( GXR ) 
  • XTZ 
  • Force 1 
  • Total Gaming ( TG ) 
  • Nemesis 
  • Crust Esports 
  • Ruthless Pirates 
  • Enigma Gaming 
  • Dark Boyz 
  • MESP 
  • Helping Gamer 
  • MODIG Army 

Here are the highlights: 

In the first round, Total Gaming were being rushed by other teams in a house battle, but they countered to up their kill count to 4. Nemesis eliminated Dark Boyz. ‘Fozyajay’ from Total Gaming landed 2 more kills with excellent reaction times. But Total Gaming and Nemesis were eliminated in the safe zone while running towards the opposition in the Free Fire event.

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Crust Esports’ sole member knocked Galaxy’s Vasiyo from the rooftops. But he was shot from the back, and Galaxy landed the Booyah with three players alive. They had 10 kills to their name. In the second round, Helping Gamer exposed themselves and were eliminated soon against Enigma. Abhay from Enigma faced a headshot and was killed, and soon, their entire team was killed in a 3vs2 at the compound. Nemesis stayed outside the zone even after it decreased in order to search for kills, and the players’ Chrono ability helped to sustain them.

While Mafiabala was reviving himself, Fozyajay landed two more kills. TG were eliminated by XTZ in a 4vs4, and multiple clashes on the hill. But Mafiabala’s Chrono ability could not help him survive for long. Ruthless Pirates lived up to their name, and they eliminated two XTZ players, who had exposed themselves. Ruthless eventually knocked them out to land the Booyah and 7 kills. 

In the third round of the Free Fire event, GXR landed at the far right of the Kalahari map to accumulate rewards. GXR and Ruthless then clashed, but they managed to revive their players. But eventually, GXR rushed and eliminated them. Crust Esports used a better strategy, by being on top of the hill and killing players below. XTZ slowly and steadily accumulated 9 kills to their name. When they began engaging with GXR, Crust Esports rushed and eliminated them.

Nemesis eventually landed the Booyah, knocking TG’s players over the gloo wall. In round 4, Crust landed in the same spot as Dark Boyz, but their players’ Chrono ability and multiple revivals helped them eliminate the latter. TG had limited resources, including med kits, and they lost 2 members. Force 1 played a better game, but Vasiyo’s grenade launcher knocked one of their players, and their splitting allowed GXR to overpower them. Helping Gamer’s entire team was stuck at the tower. Fabindro from XTZ was killed from the back. Helping Gamer’s Anish landed a kill just before dying outside the zone, as he could not cover the distance. XTZ landed quick sniper kills to up their tally to 11. They eliminated Illuminati from TG, and landed the Booyah and 12 kills. 

In the fifth round of the Free Fire, Enigma played with a 3 member team. Nemesis and Crust lost a player from each other’s teams. GXR crushed MODIG Army, using a double vector and a sports car rush. Fozyajay from TG and Force 1 Esports were eliminated soon. GXR destroyed Ruthless Pirates, as they were trying to escape the yard. Prince from TG landed a superb headshot to knockout Helping Gamer. XTZ, playing with only 3 players, were hanging on. GXR beat TG who tried rushing them in the same house. GXR eventually landed 14 kills and the Booyah.

In the last round, XTZ beat Ruthless Pirates early in the game, whose chances of entering the top 6 went up in smoke. Crust Esports lost 3 players in succession, and Dark Boyz and Enigma were killed within a minute of each other. XTZ were playing brilliantly, but they lost 3 players due to unfortunate events. TG knocked out Crust Esports, and GXR also succumbed. Force 1, who were still in contention for a top 6 spot, beat TG in a 3vs2, to land a surprise Booyah.

XTZ were crowned champions with 198 points, followed by GXR on a distant 164 and Team Nemesis with 144 points. Total Gaming were just behind on 143 points, with Crust Esports on 114. Force 1’s final flourish helped to secure the final qualification spot for the Summer League with 95 points. These 6 teams will join Error, Fiery Paltan Dictators, High Voltage, Teenaged Esports, Bot Esports and Fragnite in the Summer League scheduled for April 2021.

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