Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers 2, Day 1 : All Highlights

Free Fire

The second half of the Free Fire Booyah league qualifiers began on the 18th of January. The third group of 12 teams battled it out for a place in the finals. Let us take a look at the teams that competed: 

  • Nemesis 
  • Crust Esports 
  • Ruthless Pirates 
  • Dark Boyz 
  • TGS Army 
  • Down To Earth 
  • MODIG Army 
  • MESP 
  • AS Gamer 
  • B2K Gaming 
  • RTC Esports 
  • OP Gaming 

In Round 1, Nemesis and Crust Esports firmly established themselves as the dominant teams. Nemesis landed 13 kills in the first round. In round 2 of the Free Fire event, Crust Esports used their wonderful sniping skills to land 6 kills. Their team member Cosmic landed 2 more kills at the edge of the safe zone. Although they lost their team member ‘ DIVINE ‘, their remaining team members ‘ DUKER ‘, ‘ ASHU ‘, and ‘ COSMIC ‘ beat their opponents in a 3 vs 4 to land the Booyah and a tournament record 19 kills!

Round 3 was on Kalahari. Ruthless Pirates, who were playing an aggressive game, and were living up to their name, landed 8 kills, but were eliminated in the 3rd spot. Nemesis eliminated TSG Army to land the 3rd Booyah, and 10 kills. After 3 rounds, Nemesis were on top with 110 points, with Crust Esports close behind on 99 points. Ruthless Pirates were on 82 points. 

In round 4, Wolf from MESP landed the first kill with his double vector in the Free Fire event. MESP single-handedly finished B2K Gaming and MODIG Army, landing the first 8 kills of the round. MESP then had a long-range shootout with TGS Army. But soon after, they lost their team member ‘ Aijaz ‘, and were eliminated. Both Crust and Nemesis ended up with 8 kills each at one point and were the last two teams left in the fray in the Free Fire event.

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But Nemesis landed the Booyah once again, with 10 kills to their name. In round 5, Crust Esports decided to split up into groups of 2 each, but after landing 4 early kills, their tactics failed to pay off, and they were knocked out. Nemesis met a similar fate, with 4 kills and a seventh place finish. MODIG Army played a better game, landing an excellent grenade throw. After compiling 8 kills, they too met their fate. Ruthless Pirates and AS Gamer ultimately competed in a 3 vs 1, with the Pirates getting a deserved Booyah.

In the final round, Crust Esports and Down to Earth exchanged fire, and lost a player each. The Kalahari map made it tricky for the players, but Nemesis as usual played a brilliant game. They landed 6 kills to move into the top 3. Then, they added 4 more deaths to their tally , and landed the final Booyah of the day.

With their outstanding performance, Nemesis finished in first place with 206 points, followed by Crust Esports with 165 points, and Ruthless Pirates on 147. MESP and Dark Boyz finished a distant fourth and fifth, with 89 and 85 points, with MODIG Army edging TGS Army by a point for the final spot in the finals in the Free Fire event. In the next article, we shall discuss the proceedings of the final group stage games featuring the fourth batch of teams.

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