Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers 1 – Highlights of the Finals

Free Fire

The Free Fire Booyah League’s Finals for the first 24 teams was held on the 13th of January. The top 6 teams each from days 1 and 2 made it to the final 12. The following were the finalists: 

  • EM BOTS 
  • Fragnite 
  • Teengod Esports 
  • Bot E – sports 
  • High Voltage 
  • Bot Elite 
  • Error 
  • FP Dictators 
  • Brotherhood 
  • The Mr’s Zone 
  • Vaathiyar 
  • Danger * Squad 

In round 1, EM BOTS were the first to be eliminated. After an aggressive opening, where 15 players were killed inside barely 3 minutes, team members took a defensive approach in the Free Fire event. Vaathiyar were eliminated outside the safe zone. Error, the winners of the first group stage playoffs, went on an impressive run, and landed a quadra kill.

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Dextar from Error went on a riot, and landed 8 kills. Error landed the first Booyah, along with a record tying 15 kills. In round 2, teams took a cautious approach initially. Error knocked out Danger * Squad. Bot E – sports and High Voltage engaged in a battle in the middle of the zone. Dexter landed 2 headshots. Error landed a total of 11 kills, but they were eliminated in 5th place, and Teengod, the winners of Day 2, finished 3rd.

FP Dictators landed over a dozen kills, and the 2nd Booyah in the Free Fire event. In round 3, Brotherhood used the sports car early in the game to move to the center of the safe zone. EM BOTS played a better game this round, and landed 3 kills. Players began to collect several weapons and other kinds of loot, which were available at the moathouse.

High Voltage were playing with only 3 players, as they did in round 2, but they were able to cope with the competition. Even after multiple safe zone reductions, 11 teams were still in contention, thanks to a general ultra defensive approach from the finalists. Teengod could not maintain their run, and finished with the 9th spot in the Free Fire event. Killer from Brotherhood landed 3 kills within a minute, but he could not sustain his run.

Ultimately, Brotherhood, one of the underdogs amongst the finalists, became the new kill leader, and they eventually knocked down High Voltage to land the 3rd Booyah. In round 4, 3 teams headed towards the shipyard. Error landed the first 3 kills of the round. Brotherhood could only play with 3 players in this round, which is why they were unable to land successive Booyahs.

YT from Bot E – Sports landed 2 consecutive kills, while making excellent jumps over the gloo walls to eliminate the opposition. AJ from Error was the last player left for his team, but he single – handedly from a seemingly inevitable 6th position finish secured the 3rd spot for this round. Bot E – sports, however, showed everybody why they were also contenders and landed the 4th Booyah, and 8 kills.

In round 5 of the Free Fire event, Error finished Teengod, who were not having the best of days. Brotherhood were knocked out soon as well. Error landed 8 kills at the beginning itself. At the end, Bot E – sports and Error were the final teams in the fray. But Bot E – sports had a 3 vs 1 advantage. While their teammate CENA was being attacked, players 420 and 690 eliminated the final Error player, to land their 2nd Booyah in a row, and 9 wonderful kills.

For the final round, Error were nowhere to be seen, as they decided to skip the round for unknown reasons. Bot E – sports, who were looking for a hattrick of Booyahs, shocked High Voltage, and then engaged with Fragnite at the Marbleworks location. But engaging in several fights depleted them, and they were destroyed. Fragnite, who eliminated them, managed to revive all their players in the Free Fire event. Vaathiyar hid under the bridge to finish EM BOTS.

Eventually, Badmash from Teengod Esports eliminated Vaathiyar, and they landed their first Booyah. With this Booyah, they rose from 7th to 4th, and qualified for the Booyah Summer League to be held in April 2021. Error topped the standings with 174 points, and FP Dictators with their aggressive approach took second place. High Voltage finished 6 points behind FP Dictators to take the 3rd position with 127 points. Bot E – sports and Fragnite qualified for the Summer league by being in the top 6. 

In the forthcoming articles, we shall take a look at the second half of the Booyah league tournament, starting with the proceedings of the 3rd batch of 12 teams in this tournament.

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