Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers 1, Day 2 – All Highlights

Free Fire

After the exploits of the first 12 teams on Day 1 of the Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers which was held on the 11th of January, the action resumed on Day 2 held on the 12th of January. The following were the set of highly-rated teams which competed for a place in the final: 

  • Teengod Esports 
  • SG King 
  • EM BOTS 
  • Vaathiyar 
  • THE MR’s ZONE 
  • Toonboyff 
  • High Voltage 
  • Brotherhood 
  • BRG Squad 
  • Dark Jungle 
  • TN_Rowdies 
  • Tiger 

Due to possible connection issues, Team Tiger were unfortunately not able to participate in a single round of the Free Fire event. We hope they will regroup and will participate in events in the near future. The field was essentially reduced to 11 teams, but it did not reduce the excitement in any way.

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In round 1, Brotherhood landed 2 kills at the beginning of the round. Due to connectivity errors, the High Voltage team was playing with only 3 players. Brotherhood then landed 2 more kills, but at the cost of losing half of their own team. They were soon eliminated after being unable to defend themselves. Players kept on dropping from each team, and ultimately only Teengod Esports and SG King were left completely intact. Towards the end, Gaurav from Teengod knocked out SG’s remaining players, and Teengod claimed the Booyah for round 1. Both Teengod and SG finished the round with 9 kills each in the Free Fire event. 

In round 2, EM BOTS, High Voltage and Vaathiyar landed in the same area, which created immense panic. 3 High Voltage members succumbed in the immediate attack. Dark Zone, who were in 10th place after round 1, played a safe game, and began to enter Brasilia when the countdown timer went off. BRG Squad were eliminated by THE MR’s ZONE.

Ultimately, Teengod continued the rampage, and landed their second Booyah in a row, with 10 kills in the bag. In round 3, Teengod landed at the Command Post, and Rowdies, who landed shortly after, had only 3 players in this round. SG King landed their 10th kill of the tournament, knocking a player from Brotherhood. Dark Jungle landed 6 of the first 7 kills of the round, but were eliminated soon after. Teengod continued their impressive showing, and completed a hattrick of Booyahs, eliminating Vaathiyar towards the end.

In round 4, Teengod landed the 1st kill, in a round where only 8 teams decided to compete in the Free Fire event. Vaathiyar and TN_Rowdies engaged in a close fight inside the premises of a home. They built glue wall stacks, but ultimately Vaathiyar succumbed, and the Rowdies lost 2 of their members. Soon after, EM BOTS, High Voltage, Dark Jungle and Brotherhood tried to enter the safe zone as it was rapidly decreasing, but in the aftermath of the ensuing crossfire, 3 teams were eliminated inside a minute.

High Voltage and Teengod clashed, but High Voltage, who were currently placed 4th, had the upper hand and landed their 1st Booyah of the tournament. In round 5, Teengod made a comeback, and landed their 4th Booyah of the tournament, just as Error had during the previous day’s proceedings.

In round 6, High Voltage eliminated Teengod early in the game. Dark Jungle, playing with only 3 players, lost 2 members in the first 3 minutes of the game, and had to play with an extremely defensive approach. Vaathiyar, who had a very aggressive approach, were still not assured of place in the finals, but a Booyah in the final round landed them the 5th spot in the tournament, and qualification for the Finals the next day. Teengod and High Voltage took the top 2 spots, with 191 and 110 points respectively in the Free Fire event. EM BOTS and MR’s ZONE were tied on 108 points, but EM BOTS were placed higher due to better placement points – 74 to MR’s ZONE’s 62. Vaathiyar finished with 98 points, and Brotherhood took the last spot for the finals. 

In the next article, we shall discuss the proceedings that took place during the first Finals of the Booyah tournament.

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