Free Fire Booyah League Qualifiers 1, Day 1 – All Highlights

Free Fire

Free Fire has an official app that goes by the name of ‘ Booyah ‘, where people can view their favourite streamers, and can also earn exciting rewards. The official Free Fire events are also broadcast on this app. Free Fire in collaboration with Booyah had launched an invitational tournament, titled as ‘ Booyah League Qualifiers ‘. There are a total of 48 teams in the league stage, and they have been divided into 4 groups. The top 6 teams from the 1st group and the top 6 from the 2nd group compete in the first finals as the final 12, and the top 6 teams each from the 3rd and 4th groups made it to the 2nd finals.

The top 6 teams from each of the finals get a chance to participate in the Booyah Summer League, which will be held in April 2021. 

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The groups in the Free Fire event had some established names in the circuit, such as Total Gaming, XTZ Esports, as well as GXR (Galaxy Racer Esports). There are also plenty of first-timers in the groups, who competed to prove their mettle, and show that they could stand up to the best. The following were the 12 teams that competed on Day 1 of the tournament: 

  • Error 
  • Bot E-sports 
  • Fragile 
  • HE Army 
  • Warriors Gamer 
  • Danger × Squad 
  • Nighthawk 2.0 
  • Bot Elite 
  • Top2End 
  • Fiery Paltan Dictators 
  • Rule Breakers 
  • Gangster 

Halfway through the day’s proceedings in the Free Fire event, Team Error raced into a comfortable lead of 25 points, with a 110 on the board. Bot E-sports were second on 85 points, with Fragnite a distant third on 56 points. Error had landed an impressive 32 kills within the first 3 rounds, but they were lagging in placement points behind Bot E-sports.

However, Error went on a rampage and landed Booyahs in the 4th and 5th rounds which were held on the Bermuda and Kalahari maps. Their performances in these rounds helped them to open up a 90 point gap between them and Bot E-sports. In the final round, which was held on Kalahari, Error kept themselves afloat in the game, tying for 3 kills with FP Dictators. At this point, there were nine teams left in the field, with a total of 30 players.

However, after several clashes during the safe zone reduction phases, there were 5 teams with only 16 players left in the Free Fire event. Error had lost AJ.exe, and Gulshan, iM – JUNIOR and DEXTAR FF were left in the fray. Danger * Squad, Warriors Gamer, and Bot Elite had their entire squads intact. But Error outlasted everybody and completed a hat trick of Booyahs. They saved their best for the last, by landing a record 15 kills in the final round. 

Error finished the group stages with an incredible 246 points, with 70 kills in 6 rounds. Bot E – sports maintained their second spot to finish on 110. Fiery Paltan Dictators, who were in the bottom half after the first 3 rounds, managed to finish an impressive third, with Fragnite snapping at their heels in the fourth position. Bot Elite and Danger * Squad’s brilliant showing in the final round landed them fifth and sixth spots and a place in the final. In the next article, we shall take a look at what transpired between the next set of 12 teams in the Booyah event of Free Fire.

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