Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2: Play-ins

Free Fire

Free Fire India has hosted an event in December 2020 to find the best emerging talent in the country. Following the registrations and the subsequent league day matches between 11th and 13th December, the Play – Ins were held for the emerging teams on the 16th of December. The top 6 out of 12 qualify for the Finals scheduled for the 18th of December. Let us take a look at some of the highlights from the Free Fire Play – Ins. 

In round 1, players from teams 4 – AM and A – one took several hits. Team Hawkeye lost 3 players inside 15 seconds. Asin Clutchgod played a waiting game, and Shibapig landed a kill. The entire RG exorcist team then landed out of the safe zone when it was shrinking, and they were eliminated. TSG Hard also met their fate in a similar manner. No mercy landed the 1st Booyah. 

In round 2 of the Free Fire Play-ins, which was on the Purgatory map, the Hype and Unstoppable reams were engaged in a battle. 4 AM did a better job this time, and although at one point they had only 2 kills, they still had 3 members alive amongst the final 12 on the field. But Bilash Army ultimately received a Booyah. In round 3, Hype Esports landed 11 kills, and eventually the Booyah. 

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In round 4, which was held on the Bermuda map just as round 1, team Exorcist could not hold out for much longer and lost 2 players after managing a sole kill. Bilash Army played a better game on Bermuda this time and were engaged in several fights along the igloo walls. They were up against TSG Hard towards the end, but TSG had only one player left, and Bilash Army landed the Booyah, as well as an impressive 13 kills. 

In round 5 of the Free Fire Play-ins on Purgatory, Nagarjuna from Hawkeye Sport began to engage in a battle with Hype Esports, using as a house as his cover. Exorcist had an entertaining altercation at Brasilia before they were eliminated soon thanks in part to the narrowing zone. 5 teams fell within 45 seconds due to the reduction of the safe zone. Only 3 teams with a player each were left on the map, and Team Chaos landed the Booyah in the crossfire. 

In round 6, Team Chaos were stuck in the compound, but managed to land 2 kills and escape. Although they lost 2 members eventually, they engaged in a fight with team Katrina for survival. No Mercy soon became the new kill leader. Insane and Veeraa landed triple kills for their respective teams, and No Mercy held out to get the Booyah. 

Bilash Army landed the highest kill and placement points, and topped the standings with 176 points. 4 am, and the No mercy team, who also landed 2 Booyahs, rounded out the top 3. TSG Hard, Hype Esports and Unstoppable also qualified for the finals. Team Chaos, which landed a Booyah, unfortunately, could only finish in the eighth position. 

We look forward to these teams putting in their best efforts in the Free Fire Finals to be held on the 18th of December.

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