A List of the vehicles available in Free Fire

Vehicles available in Free Fire

The maps in Free Fire indicate that a player has a vast distance to cover, which would be impossible to do on foot, especially when you need to rescue your strayed teammates who are at the other end of the map. In order to escape the ever decreasing safe zone, and to provide protection against opponents, vehicles can be put to good use. Vehicles can also be used to eliminate opponents, with a great speed enough to throw them out of the game.

There are multiple vehicles in Free Fire, with different attributes. Given below is the entire list along with their stats. (Note: ‘ Acceleration ‘is how fast a car can go from 0 to top speed, ‘speed’ is the maximum speed that a vehicle can achieve, and ‘control’ is how well the vehicle can turn or slide. ‘HP’ stands for health points.)

Sports Car

The sports car is the fastest and one of the most durable vehicles in the game. It is also rated by many as the best, as even if the enemy has enabled auto – firing, he cannot directly shoot you. HP: 400 Speed: 80 Acceleration : 4600 Control: 20 Accommodation: 2 players.

Pickup Truck

It is the standard vehicle found in multiple places on the map in FreeFire. It has all – round decent attributes, and although it lacks the speed of a sports car, it is the only vehicle apart from it that prevents enemies from directly shooting at you. It seats two people. HP: 400 Speed: 55 Acceleration: 2100 Control: 12 Accommodation: 2 players.

Monster Truck

It is an airdrop only vehicle that has the capability of seating all four members of your team. Although it does have a rather low top speed, it has great durability, with high armour and HP, and can travel rocky terrains. HP: 800 Speed: 45 Acceleration: 8000 Control: 15 Accommodation: 4 players.


 It is the smallest vehicle in the game, and can accommodate upto 2 people. Due to its structure, it makes one an easy target for gunfire. However, it can be used to get through narrow paths, and has a good speed, coupled with the best control in the game, that can help you escape from enemies. HP: 300 Speed: 60 Acceleration: 1500 Control: 40 Accommodation: 2 players.

Amphibious Vehicle

This vehicle, as the name suggests, can be used both on land as well as in water. It has a capacity for 2 and has an average stats across the board. Once you are on land, preferably ditch this vehicle for one of the trucks or motorbike. HP: 300 Speed: 40 Acceleration: 1400 Control: 15 Accommodation: 2 players.

Tu -Tuk

The Tuk-Tuk resembles an auto rickshaw, and would please fans of the game from southeast asia, especially India. However, it has the lowest in – game stats. Go to this vehicle as the last resort, in case you are running out of time to escape a safe zone. It can accommodate upto 3 people. HP: 300 Speed: 35 Acceleration: 1200 Control: 15 Accommodation: 3 players.


This is one of the best vehicles in the game, and can definitely be used to one’s advantage. It allows one to travel through extreme terrains, and has one of the best health Point capacities in the game. HP: 500 Speed: 40 Acceleration: 2900 Control: 15 Accommodation: 4 players.

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