Fortnite Revenue Down 52 Percent Year-Over-Year


According to a report from US market tracking firm Edison Trends, sales of Epic Games’ Fortnite have fallen 52% between Q2 2018 and Q2 2019.

The world-popular battle royale game is still the best-selling title on the online gaming charts, but Fortnite has seen a dramatic reduction in sales compared to its competitors. Its downward trajectory began in Q2 last year and has continued—save for a major peak in December—to its most recent fiscal quarter.

Since the December 2018 peak, which saw a huge increase in holiday sales, Fortnite revenue has dropped close to 75%. Though this may seem like a shocking decline, it is natural considering the game’s intense popularity between 2017 and 2018, which saw Fortnite draw in more than 125 million players and earn approximately $5 billion for publisher Epic Games.

Despite the drop in sales, player loyalty remains high for Fortnite. Just under 50% of players made repeat purchases month-over-month, making the Fortnite community the second most loyal in the industry, following players of Apex Legends, 62% of whom made repeat purchases each month.

Fortnite is expected to retain a lower, more stable revenue stream in the future. Edison Trends also reports that 83% of total revenue for the game—which is offered free to play online—is made through in-game currencies. The rest comes from in-store purchases of bundles and packs.

The game’s primary competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has only seen a gradual decline of approximately 2% during the period that saw Fortnite sales cut in half. Just last month, PUBG Mobile hit $1 billion in revenue, aided in large part from significant sales in China.

Fortnite Revenue History

In the first quarter of 2019, Fortnite revenue was down 38% year-over-year. The game earned $203 million in the month of May alone, making it the highest-earning console game and the fifth highest-earning PC game.

Throughout 2018, Fortnite made reportedly $2.4 billion. This was the highest annual revenue of any game in history. It remains to be seen where Fortnite will place on the 2019 list, but it will still doubtlessly be near the top.

Last September, Epic Games was valued at approximately $15 billion.


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