Freaks 4U Gaming Partners With Monster Energy


Freaks 4U Gaming’s Counter-Strike League 99Liga announced that it has partnered with energy drink brand Monster Energy ahead of the League’s Season 13 finals this winter.

99Liga is the official tournament of 99Damage, a German language Counter-Strike: Global Offensive website. The 99Liga Season 13 finals will take place at the Warsteiner Music Hall in Dortmund, Germany, on December 21, 2019.

The thirteenth season of 99Liga sees ten teams face off in a best-of-two Round Robin. The top four teams from Division One will be seeded in the playoffs gauntlet, where a prize pool of $11,000 USD awaits them, and the winner of the event will take home $5,500 USD.

The top seven teams will retain Division One spot, while the bottom two teams will be automatically demoted to Division Two, and the eighth-place team will face relegation. Organizations currently vying for a playoff spot include BIG Academy, EURONICS Gaming, and Unicorns of Love.

“I am delighted that Monster Energy has allowed us to welcome another strong partner by our side,” said Michael “MiPu” Puttler, Project Manager of 99Damage.

Puttler said this new power will go directly into the planning for their first spectator event in Dortmund, as well as in the design and development of the 2020 99Damage League.

He added that he is very proud of the League, thanking the community and all those involved who work on the 99Damage League every day and adding that he hopes to continue developing their in-house League with Monster Energy.

99Damage and 99Liga are both products of Berlin-based gaming and esports marketing agency Freaks 4U Gaming. The agency produces leagues and tournaments across numerous esports titles, including a partnership with Riot Games to form the official DACH national league for League of Legends.

Freaks 4U Gaming was named #47 in the top 50 fastest-growing companies according to the growth champions 2019 list compiled by FOCUS Business magazine. The company’s Twitch channel, esl99damage, was among the top-viewed CS:GO Twitch channels earlier this year.


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