Free Fire Chrono Event: The Complete Details and Information

Free Fire

As part of the unveiling of Cristiano Ronaldo’s character Chrono, Free Fire has launched multiple reward based events, as well as two additional game modes. Let us take a look at the rewards that are on offer. 

Chrono Wheel: The Chrono Wheel event is between the 14th until the 20th of December, 2020. Players get one Free spin at a chance for a reward, but posthumously, they need to spend diamonds to get additional rewards. At the 10th spin, players are guaranteed to receive one of the two grand prizes – either a cyber bounty hunter motorbike or a katana. After 9 spins, players are guaranteed ‘ bad luck protection ‘, so that they can get the grand prize without any further spins. The meter rests after claiming one of the prizes, and once a prize has been claimed, it cannot be claimed again. 

Weapon Royale – Cyber Bounty Hunter: In the Weapon Royale section in Free Fire, players stand a chance to win an augmented Cyber Bounty Hunter weapon skin. It ensures that your weapon has a great rate of fire and increased accuracy, with a slight decrease in range. 

Operation Chrono – Special Login Reward: Logging into your accounts on the 19th of December in Free Fire guarantees a special Chrono Event machete skin, a.k.a. , a cyber blade. 

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Chrono’s Bounty: This event runs between the 13th of December until 03:59 a.m. on the 26th of the same month. There are two types of bounty – normal bounty and advanced bounty. The players need to use Time crystals, which are available daily after playing the ‘ Cosmic Wheel ‘ event. Normal bounty costs one time crystal per reward, and these rewards can easily be claimed. They include an airdrop, pet food, scan for showing the number of players in the plane and who are parachuting, a resupply map, amongst others. The advanced bounty will open once the portal is completely charged thanks to the players’ efforts. It currently stands at 42 %, and should reach 100% and get unlocked within the next 3 days, at the most. The advanced bounty rewards include Cyber Bounty Chaser clothes, as well as a face mask and shoes. Not only those, but we also have an Incubator Voucher, a Diamond Royale Voucher as well as a Weapon Royale Voucher up for grabs. Unlimited draws can be made in the normal bounty, whereas each reward can be claimed only once in the advanced bounty. 

Chrono Mission: The Chrono mission resets every day at 4:00 a.m in Free Fire. Players can get 2 time crystals each day just by logging in. If they play one cosmic racer squad game, they receive 1 time crystal, plus 10 portal charges, which are essential for unlocking the advanced bounty rewards which were mentioned above. Playing 3 squad games would

grant the players another time crystal as well as 10 portal charges. 5 kills in the game would give players 3 time crystals as well as 20 portal charges. 

Redeem A Perm Gun Skin: In the ‘ Operation Chrono ‘ section next to ‘ events ‘, players can collect a Red Power Cube via daily login. Collecting 10 cubes would enable them to collect an MP5 Cyber Bounty Hunter skin between 04:00 a.m. IST on December 19 until 4:00 a.m. IST on December 21. However, collecting 10 power cubes within such a short duration seems to be highly improbable, and hopefully, Garnea would provide alternate 

ways to collect Red Power Cubes.

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