6 Weapons With Armour Penetration in Free Fire

Free Fire Weapons

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, and one where a player competes with 49 others on a map over a 10+ minute period to be ultimately crowned champion. Assuming that all 49 players have been eliminated within a 10 minute duration, a player on an average dies every 12.24 seconds ! In such a scenario, where characters are collecting weapons and fighting from the get – go, it is essential that players find combat resources, and especially the most powerful ones to give them a headstart over their opponents. In case you have fallen back, and are up against an opponent with body armour, a bullet or two will not save the day. Given below are the six Free Fire weapons that penetrate armour, and level the playing field:

1. UMP

The UMP is the only sub – machine gun with armour penetration ability. With a great rate of fire and being one of the speediest weapons in the game, FreeFire describes it as a ‘ Stable submachine gun perfect for new users .’ It has plenty of versatility with 5 different kinds of attachments, with armour damage of 63 per bullet.

2. SVD

The SVD, a.k.a., Dragunov, is a very accurate and powerful automatic sniper rifle that comes pre attached with a 4x scope. It has a high damage rate of 89 with a range of 80 out of a possible 100. Due to this, it provides an armour penetration of 67. However, it is rather rare in Free Fire weapons, and appears only in resupply points and airdrops.

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3. SKS

The SKS is an assault rifle that has extremely similar stats to the Dragunov. It has an armour penetration rate of 46, which is slightly lower, however, it is more commonly found in the game, and the perfect substitute for the SVD.

4. Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is the final assault rifle with this attribute. This newly launched gun has a closer resemblance to traditional assault rifles rather than snipers, with medium range accuracy and range coupled with high damage. However, it offers the best armour penetration in the game, with 75 per hit.

5. M1887

This gun is not anywhere near the top tier, owing to its low range, with a magazine capacity of only 2, and an accuracy of 10 out of 100. However, it has the highest damage ( a full 100 ) in the game, and is an excellent gun in close quarters. It has an armour penetration of 54. When all else fails, use this gun. Even if you get eliminated soon, it would give you the satisfaction of blowing off someone’s head.

6. M82B

The final weapon in this list is the M82B. It is a pure sniper rifle, with 90 damage and accuracy, supplemented by a great range of 85. It has an excellent armour penetration rate of 67, which can deal a lot of damage to vehicles and ice walls. Hands down one of the best weapons out there. This is the list of weapons with armour penetration abilities as of November 2020. Not to forget Crossbows, whose bolts leave you bleeding, and you continue to take damage over time. Free Fire describes them as ‘silent killers that easily pierce all kinds of vests and helmets.’ However, beginners can avoid this one.

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