12 Most Popular Free Fire Pets

Pets are a key and constantly underrated element in Free Fire. While players avoid using them as they have the potential to give away positions, they provide additional buffs, and have certain strengths just like the wide roster of players available. Having pets may also provide a cuteness overload that can offset the extreme killing and body counts in the game.

How To Obtain Pets?

The basic method to get a pet is to purchase it from the store. Once we are at the homepage, we simply need to click on the ‘Pets’ option on the left-hand side. There’re a dozen pets available as of November 2020. Ten of them have already launched, with two more expected to arrive before the end of this year. Most of these pets available come at a price of 699 diamonds, with only the Mechanical Pup and Kitty, two pets with basic abilities, available for 299 diamonds each. A top-up of 520 diamonds would cost us Rs. 400/- from the store, and in order to purchase a pet, a player would need to pay up to Rs. 600/- . While this may not be possible for many players, who do not wish to spend too much money on a single in-game item, there’re certain ways to obtain these animals for cheaper means. 

Special Airdrop

Occasionally, a special airdrop is offered to players. The ones who have a newly-created account may receive the airdrop within the first few days. Newer airdrops are fewer in number and may take a while to be available. Cheaper airdrops are available between Rs. 9 – Rs. 29, and could sometimes contain pets. This is one of the most convenient ways to purchase pets with a limited budget. It has also been noted by a few users that cheaper airdrops are available to users with limited budgets as they are prioritized. However, relying on airdrops feels like you can’t take matters into your own hands, and do require some luck.

Top-up Events

For those with decent budgets, buying Diamonds during top-up events can help obtain free pets. In such a scenario, you can get a pet at a cheaper price, and can use the available diamonds to purchase special gun skins or other items.

Other Ways To Obtain Enough Diamonds For Pets

Google Opinion Rewards offer surveys from time to time which can be completed within two minutes. The money that is collected can be redeemed through the store section of most games. Although the payout is not more than Rs. 5 per survey, over a period of time, the money can be accumulated to purchase a pack of diamonds. Another way is to collect the weekly or monthly membership card for diamonds by clicking on the diamond icon towards the top of the home screen. A weekly pass for Rs.159 /- ($2) would give you 60 diamonds per day for a week. Similarly, a monthly membership for Rs. 599 /- ($8) would grant you 60 diamonds per day for 30 days, along with an additional starting bonus of a 100 diamonds, at an average of over three diamonds per rupee. These are the most valuable options for purchase of diamonds.

Let us discuss all the pets available and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. We shall begin with 10 pets that are already available in the store. Given below are also their prices, character description, and our ratings.

12) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Mr. Waggor

Image Credit: Free Fire India Official/ YouTube

Mr. Waggor is a penguin with great dance moves that could easily rival the penguins from the ‘Madagascar’ movie series. When a player has no Gloo grenade, Mr. Waggor can produce one Gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds. At Level 5, he can perform the same action within 100 seconds. For players who are backed into a corner, or don’t have teammates defending them in clash squad matches, this animal could definitely be handy.

Price: 599 diamonds

Description: A penguin with sports shoes, a yellow jacket, with cool shades and a bandana. Matching sports shoes to complete the look.

Our Rating: 7 out of 10

11) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Falco

Image Credit: Twitter/@FreeFireBR

He is the newest addition to the Free Fire roster, and has the best skill amongst all pets to give you a headstart in the game. Once a player skydives, he provides a 15% increase in gliding speed. Not only this, but your entire team receives a 25 % increase in diving speed after your parachutes open, which could enable you to scour for the best possible weapons. At his best level, he provides a 30% increase in gliding speed upon skydiving, and a 37 % increase in diving after the parachute opens. He is definitely a character to watch out for.

Price: 699 diamonds

Description: A wide – winged falcon with alternate warm and cool colors on its wings. Possesses a regal look.

Our Rating: 8

10) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Ottero

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Ottero is a head – banging otter, with his headphones always switched on and him being ready to drop the beat. Considering how much otters love keeping themselves clean, he could be a spirit animal in these times of COVID – 19. Ottero’s power is ‘Double Blubber‘. When a player uses the Medkit or Treatment gun, the player will also recover some EP. The EP recovered is 35% of HP, and at its maximum potential, is an incredible 50%. This weapon is great for both defensive as well as aggressive players.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character description: An otter with a pink jacket, set of headphones, and a tuft of white hair. A sanitizer would have possibly completed his look.

Our Rating: 7

9) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Kitty

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Kitty is a basic cat, who is extremely timid. We personally feel that this animal is more valuable at level 5. Kitty is the only animal that does not possess any abilities, and is used as a companion. However, with its detective skin, it can find hidden treasures on the map. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest pets.

Price: 299 Diamonds

Character description: A cat with some basic clothing. The simplest character in the game.

Our Rating: 5

8) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Mechanical Pup

The mechanical pup, as its name suggests, is essentially a robot dog. It gains rapid speed with its special skin that can be unlocked when he is at level 7. Since he lacks the special traits associated with other animals, we do not advise picking him for any challenges. Until and unless you simply love dogs.

Price: 299 Diamonds

Character Description: A black, white and red robot dog that mimics the actions of a regular dog. He has one of the best designs in the game.

Our Rating: 4

7) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Shiba

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Shiba, based on the Shiba Inu breed of Japanese dogs, has the ability of marking surrounding mushrooms on the map for 180 seconds, with the mark lasting for 30 seconds. The marking can reduce to 150 seconds at later stages. Mushrooms are great for reviving HP points. Shibas can be useful for health restoration, however, for a scavenger who roams around the map, they would be mostly unnecessary.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character Description: A Shiba covered in a black coat, with dinosaur spikes and artificial wings. The cutest character in the game.

Our Rating: 6

6) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Robo

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Robo is a spherical robot with cat ears. His ‘ Wall Enforcement ‘ ability adds a shield to the Gloo Wall, providing it with an additional 60 HP. This increases to 80 HP at level 5. This is a good choice for those who rely on Gloo walls for combat or defensive purposes. It would buy one additional time for reloading weapons or to consider alternate strategies. It is also great for teams, who can hide behind the walls and plan surprise attacks at the right moment.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character Description: A light blue robot that has the ability to roll. It has a grander look with its Pharaoh skin.

Cuteness Level: 7

5) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Spirit Fox

Image Credit: Google/gamekrida

The Spirit Fox provides players with an additional 4 HP when they use a health pack and an additional 7 HP at level 5. While it may not seem like much, it could add just a wee bit to a players health bar, and give them the impetus to survive in the final moments of the game.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character Description: A fox with a set of red beads around its neck and two swords with sheaths on its sides. Looks like a playable character.

Our Rating: 6

4) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Night Panther

The Night Panther is great for players who like collecting everything they see, and is great for using alternate types of weapons. He increases a players inventory space by 15, and by an incredible 30 at level 5! For those who want to carry around an entire entourage of a treatment gun, a shotgun, an assault rifle as well as other weapons, he is the best pet. Pairing the panther with a character like Paloma would give you enough inventory to wipe out a legion. We consider him to be amongst the top 2 pets in the game.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character description: A highly advanced robot panther in equal shades of black and blue.

Our Rating: 9

3) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Detective Panda

The Detective Panda creature may seem like a softie, but on the inside , he is rooting for you to be vicious ! His skill awards a player an additional 4 Health Points per kill, and 7 HP at level 5. It would provide an impetus to players to go for the kill, and safeguard their health simultaneously.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character Description: Very simply dressed, with a tiny backpack, belt and chain around the neck. His headband gives the impression that he’s on a mission.

Our Rating: 7

These are the 10 established pets in the game so far. The two new ones are expected to arrive at the start of season 19 of Free Fire, which should commence from 12: 30 pm on December 23.

2) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Rockie

Image Credit: Google/gurugamer

Rockie’s appearance resembles that of a raccoon, and reminds us of Rocket the raccoon from the ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ movie series. His ‘ Stay Chill ‘ skill move decreases the cooldown time of an equipped active skill by 6 % , and by 10 % at Level 5. This would definitely help attackers. While he has not yet been tested in the official version of the game, we feel that he would be one of the more skilled pets available.

Price: 699 Diamonds

Character description: Has the appearance of a rockstar complete with a jacket, electric guitar and wristbands. His spiked hair looks like its made of slivers of steel. Our Rating: Not Applicable at the moment. Fingers crossed.

1) Most Popular Free Fire Pets: Poring

Poring is a strange pink blob that has one of the best in-game skills. At Level 1, his Stitch and Patch skill increases 1 helmet and armour durability every 3 seconds. Prevents upto level 1 helmet and armour from being destroyed. At level 5, it provides the same durability every 2 seconds, and prevents up to a level 2 helmet and armour from being destroyed. Considering that there are only 6 guns in the major armoury that are capable of providing armour penetration, this would be a great pet to have, and this could definitely be in the top 3.

Price: 699 Diamonds.

Character description: A blob made of some strange liquid. Has a confused look on its face. Acquires a slightly bluish color with its advanced skin.

Our Rating: N/A, but we have high expectations from this character.

This sums up the list of pets available to players in Free Fire for 2020. While they may not be for everyone, they could provide you with additional bonuses for the entire duration of the game, as they are one time purchases. Currently, there is a time limited offer for diamonds, where players with 49 diamonds or fewer can avail 520 diamonds for just Rs.160/- at 3.25 diamonds per rupee ! If you feel up to it, ensure that you make the best use of this offer before Diwali.

Featured Image Credit: Google/mobilemodegaming

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